Protocol Breach

Calgary art celebrity Chris Cran helped Inglewood’s Court Painter down some slippy studio steps and ended up raising eyebrows, after touching the DabbleKing of Inglewood’s painting arm, in defiance of protocol insisted upon by Court Painter’s Press Attache A Hardon MacKay.

Cran – said he was concerned about the Court Painter stumbling during a visit to his studio in Inglewood on Wednesday.

From a neighbour’s security camera footage filmed outside the studio, Cran can be seen touching Court Painter’s painting arm as he sprints down a set of steps.

“I’m certainly conscious of the protocol,I was just anxious to be sure there was no stumbling on the steps as Court Painter is prone to staggering after his daily liquid lunch.”
“It’s a little bit awkward, that descent from his studio to the back alley, and there was wet paint on the steps that was a little slippy, and so I thought perhaps it was appropriate to breach protocol just to be sure that there was no stumble,” he explained sheepishly as he was prodded with a long stick in the aftermath of the protocol breach.
Although the Court Painter’s official Press Attache says “there are no obligatory codes of behaviour” during a meeting with Court Painter, touching the art celebrity beyond shaking hands is unusual and guaranteed to generate headlines and itching.
Press Attache MacKay later clarified that, “all was forgiven ,calling the inappropriate touch a “mutual and spontaneous display of affection and appreciation”.
In a gesture of his own, Cran also presented the Court Painter with a carton of Gitanes, a juice box of red wine and an awkward curtsy.
Cran’s time as Calgary’s #1 art celebrity is due to end in the fall, and his visit to Court Painter’s studio this week was in part to pass on the art celebrity baton to the ‘DabbleKing of Inglewood.’