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In a recent blog post detailing why she decided against running for leadership of Alberta’s United Conservative Party (UCP), Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner wrote about her concerns and observations of both the provincial and federal parties.

“In both parties there have also been squabbles that have erupted in the pages of national media, public meltdowns, nearly missed physical fights, coups, smear jobs, leaked recordings and confidential emails, lack of consensus on critical issues, caucus turfings, people harassed to the point where they resign roles, and hours long meetings where members have been subjected to hours of public castigation,” reads her post.

Shortly after this was published, the Toronto Star reported that some of her fellow Conservative MPs have threatened to get her removed from the federal caucus.

Asked about the comments from her colleague, Candice Bergen  interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the leader of the Opposition said she was “absolutely shocked,” and that while it may be Rempel Garner’s experience, it was “not an accurate description.”

“I’ve not experienced that,” Bergen said. “We have had an amazing last six months. And you know, even when we do disagree… yeah, there’s been there’s been squabbles, but my message to caucus is we can disagree and still be united.”

of course they did….

Four months after the last truck left downtown Ottawa, top Freedom Convoy figures returned to Parliament Hill and met with nearly 20 per cent of the Conservative Party of Canada caucus, according to video reviewed by CTV News.

On Wednesday, 23 Conservative members attended meetings with convoy spokesperson Tom Marazzo, convoy director of security Daniel Bulford, advisor to former U.S. president Donald Trump Paul Alexander, and Canadian soldier James Topp, who is currently on a march across Canada protesting vaccine mandates.

The organizers held two presentations Wednesday afternoon in a building located in the parliamentary precinct. Alexander said in his presentation that Conservative MP Dean Allison helped the group gain access to the Valour Building. Groups planning to hold presentations on Parliament Hill require a parliamentarian to sponsor them in order to be given permission to access buildings on Parliament Hill and book a room.

James Topp is scheduled to return to Ottawa on June 30, where he will complete his march by touching the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Topp’s return is expected to coincide with further protests against the government on Canada Day.

between cowardice and opportunism…

Portrait of Pense the Pale Prince of Pretense

Excerpted from

The New Republic article Alex Shephard / June 22, 2022

Mike Pence Is Useless

  • The former vice president’s refusal to address his former boss’s attempted coup somehow manages to straddle the line between cowardice and opportunism.

“He’s a coward and an opportunist, and he sees only one way forward: kissing Donald Trump’s ass while, every now and then, lightly calling out the fact that Trump tried to get him to steal the election (if not killed). This only adds to the increasingly tragic career of Mike Pence. He has the opportunity to salvage his reputation—at least somewhat—and perhaps take Trump down. Because he naïvely believes he still might be president, he chooses not to. He will emerge from this gaining neither the things he wants nor the things he needs.”

For anyone who has the patience Court Painter has included the range of commissions since 2017 that feature Pense the Pale Prince of Pretense .

Freedumb Fighter

Pierre Poilievre promises to protect freedom of speech on campus, appoint a ‘Freedumb of Speech Guardian’ 

The Freedumb Guardian would be responsible for ensuring university compliance to principles of academic freedom and freedumb of speech, and investigate claims of academic censorship

glimpse into the future of the art world …

In a June 10/2022 VICE article We Asked an AI to Draw a Self-Portrait the Artificial Intelligence system result was an unmistakable homage to visage variations on Court Painter. Admittedly not as dashing and handsome as his real countenance, it does however show that even artificial intelligence knows a good mug to emulate when it sees it.


We Asked an AI to Draw a Self-Portrait : Pay no attention to the machine learning algorithm behind the curtain.

By Janus Rose NEW YORK, US June 10, 2022, 12:09pm


DALL-E, the AI system that generates images from text prompts, has captured the internet’s imagination over the past few months. Literally.

Created by OpenAI, DALL-E is the latest in a series of tools that seem to tap into the internet’s subconscious, using massive datasets of text and images to parse and reproduce human language with uncanny accuracy. The system uses a machine learning model with billions of individual parameters to illustrate whatever phrases you feed into it, resulting in bizarre and often shockingly realistic renderings—though oftentimes with predictably racist and sexist tropes.

But while access to DALL-E is currently only being offered to a select list of artists and researchers, open source AI systems that attempt to replicate OpenAI’s model have recently sprouted up, allowing anyone to try their hand at human-machine artistic collaboration.

One model in particular, called DALL-E Mini, has practically achieved meme status over the past week. Hosted on the AI repository HuggingFace, the demo’s massive volume of users has caused long delays to complete requests, as social feeds fill with images generated from all kinds of absurd prompts. (“Gender reveal 9/11” and “Aileen Wuornos on Drag Race” are among the many deranged highlights)

Given how so many humans are now collaborating with AI models to make art, I felt it was only fair to ask the AI to reveal itself as a self-portrait. 

The results were… mixed. Based on what prompt I chose, DALL-E Mini either sees itself as some sort of seabird, a goat-like creature, or a mysterious orb that resembles a microscopic organism—among many other bizarre mutations.

It should be noted that DALL-E Mini is not the same as OpenAI’s DALL-E system, and the results are typically not as good due to significant differences in the model’s size, datasets, and training. But its authors indicate that operating on a smaller scale was a primary goal of the project. 

“We show we can achieve impressive results (albeit of a lower quality) while being limited to much smaller hardware resources,” DALL-E Mini’s authors wrote in the project’s technical description. “By simplifying the architecture and model memory requirements, as well as leveraging open-source code and pre-trained models available, we were able to satisfy a tight timeline.”

The project’s description indicates that the model is still being trained, and a more advanced version, called DALL-E Mega, is also available for download—though not as conveniently accessible as the version hosted on Hugging Face.

Still, with OpenAI’s DALL-E still in closed beta testing, projects like DALL-E Mini are giving many people their first taste of human-AI artistic collaboration—and maybe, a glimpse into the future of the art world as we know it.

Court Painter is somewhat skeptical of that futuristic glimpse but he’s not even on Twitter!

unprecedented profits…

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Court Painter & his Press Attache A Hardon MacKay model as stand ins for the corporate captains of industry that are making out like bandits during the scourge of COVID .

The Court Painter studio cannot afford professional models so rest your eyes on these two hunks that exude the well to do vibe with panache!

doing his own research…

As you are no doubt aware the business & creative relationship between Press Attache AHM & Court Painter is likened to a finely balanced see saw poised on a fulcrum of hyper sensitivity tuned to the ways of the world.

AHM digs up the subjects for Court Painter to paint and he paints ’em! It’s that simple.

Often the peripatetic AHM must go off on trips to do research and return with new subjects of aesthetic and potential monetizing worth . Seems the recent research trip of the nosy Press Attache has found him deep in a rabbit warren of controversy, conspiracy, conundrum and catch 22. It’s usually thought of as ‘the Void’.

Since he has not come up for air as yet the Court Painter studio is filling his absense by demonstrating the master painter in various anticipatory poses, accompanied by canvases in a state of tabula rasa.

Court Painter threw this one in to see if you are paying attention!