Vanity Fair disinvites Court Painter from Oscars party

Like the mean girl in a high school movie, Vanity Fair has disinvited the Court Painter from its famed Oscar party at the last minute because Court Painter said rude things about it. All he said was something to the effect that the hottest Oscar night party had lost its sizzle!

CP  suggested that the bash has been blighted by corporate sponsorship and rival parties, and noted that “two civilians” had secured invitations — which had once been Holy Grail-like even among Hollywood insiders — “in an online auction, bidding with customer-loyalty points from Tim Hortons.”

Court Painter had planned on  flying in to attend the Sunday night bash — however Vanity Fair rescinded his invitation, sniffing that, it “feels like Court Painter has already made up his mind about the VF party this year.”

A Hardon MacKay Press Attache to Court Painter is hopeful Radhika Jones  Vanity Fair editor in chief  has the good sense to step in, restore sanity and reinstate the invitation.

But, said an insider, “It reflects so badly on Radhika that she would allow her publication to behave so unprofessionally and in such a uncultured manner especially to one so adored by the celebrity and political class and was once featured on a Vanity Fair cover.”


How This Senator Rolls

Tory Senator Tkachuk Tells Truckers To ‘Roll Over Every Liberal Left In The Country’

“I know you’ve rolled all the way here, and I’m going to ask you one more thing: I want you to roll over every Liberal left in the country,” Tkachuk told convoy-supporting protestors in Ottawa . Cheers erupted from the crowd.

Saskatchewan Sen. David Tkachuk made the comment while addressing a few hundred “United We Roll” protestors on Parliament Hill on Tuesday Feb 19.

“Because when they’re gone. These bills are gone,” he said, referring to Liberal government legislation proposing an oil tanker ban in northern British Columbia and another to rehaul the pipeline review process.

It should be noted in the light of the Senators dark remarks that on April 28,2018 ten people were killed and 15 injured after a man drove a van into pedestrians in Toronto. 

Nailed It!

OTTAWA — Gerald Butts, Justin Trudeau’s principal secretary and long-time friend, has resigned amid allegations that the Prime Minister’s Office interfered to prevent a criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.




The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is a central agency that came into its own in the late 1960s. It differs from its counterparts in that it is staffed with temporary political appointees rather than full-time, career civil servants and has no statutory base, its budget being a component of the estimates for the Privy Council Office. The Prime Minister determines the PMO’s organization and role; its functions derive from the prime minister’s political responsibilities as party leader rather than as head of government, though in practice the division between these responsibilities is not clear, thereby providing opportunities for the PMO to trespass on the more purely administrative preserves of other central agencies.

The PMO is responsible for press and public relations, the PM’s large correspondence, speaking engagements, etc; it advises on candidates for appointment to the numerous order-in-council appointees, eg, directorships on crown corporations, members of regulatory commissions, on which the PM’s recommendation is essential and decisive; it maintains contact with the party’s officials outside the legislature and with the party caucus in the legislature; it generally serves as a listening post and a “gate-keeper” determining which matters will be brought to the PM’s attention and ensuring that the political dimensions of public policies are not overlooked by the permanent bureaucracy. There is potential for overlap and competition with the Privy Council Office. The expansion of the personnel and functions of the PMO, which coincided with the prime ministership of Pierre Trudeau, reflected the increasingly dominant role of the PM, as head of government and head of party, and has been perpetuated by Trudeau’s successors.

The inherent tension between the political party-oriented role and the policy advisory functions of his PMO staff gave rise to contradictory conclusions that either the PMO is weak and fails to provide direction or else is too strong and trespasses on the turf of other central agencies – most notably the PCO.

Source : Edited from The Canadian Encyclopedia


A Step Back

OTTAWA — Jody Wilson-Raybould resigned from the federal cabinet Tuesday — one day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested her continuing presence in cabinet was proof she didn’t think she’d been improperly pressured to help SNC-Lavalin avoid criminal prosecution.

Her departure added fuel to opposition accusations of political interference in the justice system. And it left Trudeau’s reconciliation agenda with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples in tatters.

Wilson-Raybould had been Canada’s first Indigenous justice minister and the face of Trudeau’s commitment to make reconciliation his top priority.

CP Source