(R) Party time …


There is plenty of room in the Republican Party for anti- Semitism and white supremacy. Anyone meeting with people advocating that point of view, in clear eyed judgement, is highly likely to be elected President again!

Court Painter determined the only fair way to choose which Republican law makers would receive the honour of a portrait ,was to put all representatives names in the official (R) Party Hat and pick ten.

Trump practicing his levitation technique
Portrait Names

Sovereignty infestation…

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith‘s signature legislation would grant her cabinet new powers to bypass the legislative assembly and unilaterally amend provincial laws.

Premier Rat-ette Smith clutches the new official rodent of Alberta.

Is Alberta a Rat free province?

Albertans have enjoyed living without the menace of rats since 1950 when the Rat Control Program was established. Alberta’s Rat-free status means there is no resident population of rats and they are not allowed to establish themselves.

Not anymore you animal lovers! The governing UCP just turfed that law under their new powers!

Seems the Rats have taken over the ship of state on November 29/22 as an United Conservative Party infestation appeared in the Alberta Legislature, led by Premier Rat-ette Danielle Smith.

Court Painter seen with latest official Alberta themed portrait.

Don’t believe me? Look it up!

How to get rid of rats?

The bad news is that getting rid of Rats isn’t easy: they’re a notoriously destructive and stubborn breed, and require patience and determination to eradicate unless they resign…

Breaking News: Jason Kenney has resigned as Member of the Legislative Assembly for Calgary-Lougheed. and was quoted by an anonymous source as saying “this Rat-ass is leaving as this ship of state is sinking.”

·Jason Kenney’s stand up routine includes Ratfucker jokes!

break broke broken …

‘Everything is broken in this country’ Conservative leader of the Opposition Pierre Poilievre says!



William Shakespeare then pipes up :

“And since you know you cannot see yourself,
so well as by reflection, I, your glass,
will modestly discover to yourself,
that of yourself which you yet know not of.”

coulda had class, been a contender, been a somebody…

Convoy actors Tamara Lich, Bernard Miller and a stand in for Karl Malden re-enact a scene from On the Waterfront.
Miller continues to have swasitka flag bearers dance in his head

Counsel to the Convoy Organizers Bernard Miller with his inexplicable hair do was a conspicuous No Show in the final public chapter of the Public Order Emergency Commission Hearings. The producers of the show promised yet failed to deliver on a grand finale dust up between the combative lawyer Miller with his inexplicable hair do and the serene and well coffered Prime Minister Trudeau: the highly anticipated yet failed storyline was to lay a mortification upon Justin’s shoulders that even Rex Murphy could not have contemplated in his gratification of a desire to attempt by his unconscious to resolve some repressed conflict. Anyway Rex would have been ecstatic at the expected outcome in the traditional sense of describing someone who is nearly out of their mind with intense emotion as in the early use of  ecstatic that was sometimes linked to mystic trances, out-of-body experiences, and temporary madness. The plot failed even the verbose Mr. Murphy! We digress…

Whad happen’!?

13% of Canadians polled were sure Bernard Miller with his inexplicable hair do would have whupped Justin’s ass and sealed once and for all the righteousness of the Freedom Convoy’s claims for real freedom and escape from the chains of tyranny that Justin’s version of democracy doth embrace at last estimate…100% of Canadians. Yes it’s counterintuitive but democracy also embraces those who would wish it gone.

So here we are …left dangling in the long shadow of democracy as Freedumb fighter lawyer Bernard with the unexplainable hair do…sends a girl…a girl…in his place and he is a Big Wimp No Show! (Editors note: The reference to a girl is left in the text to provide readers with an historical and cultural context of the male animus stakes that Counsel Bernard with his inexplicable hairdo and Big Wimp No Show attitude , left on the mat of contestation.)

Convoy Organizers final presentation lawyer

Court Painter & his entire studio staff apologize for being so annoyed but the producers of the program promised a battle between democratic governance & well…something else…but all we got were weeks of build up with the protagonist and pugilist counsel Bernard Miller with his inexplicable hair do; setting the table for the final chapter of knock em sock em face-off and ideological fisticuffs with the some what experienced brawler Justin Trudeau also known to occupy the soft hands position of Prime Minister.

The serene Prime Minister JT brought his A game

So being unsure who the writers were at CPAC who obviously missed the drama of the times and future Heritage Moment, Court Painter and his studio team are left to stew in their distempered juices!

However in spite of a dramatic plot unrealized : Thanks a lot CPAC and to the serene Prime Minister for a drama well executed and job well done!

Court Painter with a triptych featuring the champ!

PS: Mr Millar with his inexplicable hair do was last seen out of breath from chasing false leads , hunching over a crystal ball in anticipation of identifying the phantom swastika flag bearer…

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Miller time… out…


A Study in Swastika, by @Justin_Ling


Court Painter with Brendan Miller portrait

Lead counsel for the Convoy Organizers Brendan Miller has embarked on a bizarre and totally unfounded side quest to prove that a complicated network of agents, operating under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, infiltrated the Ottawa occupation with Nazi and Confederate flags, in order to discredit the movement and make the case for police action.

Convoy Counsel Brendan Miller & Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland during Public Order Emergency Commission November 24/22

An operation called Peacock…

Court Painter was uncharacteristically tight lipped about how a recent portrait installation including a peacock are connected . He mumbled something about the Art speaks for itself and requires no explanation and besides he ‘has to live in this town’.. media reports however tell a more fulsome story!

A Peacock

Source: Excerpted from CBC News ,November 18/22

‘Former Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi is at the centre of a Canadaland story about an alleged plot to entrap him into accepting illegal Russian money. Shane Wenzel a local Calgary business owner and his mother Edith Wenzel are suing the media organization as well as a former political fixer David Wallace for alleging they had involvement in the plot. 

Canadaland, the news site that reported on the alleged scheme, said “Operation Peacock” was orchestrated by political strategists and political fixer David Wallace and was backed by local business interests.’

David Wallace & a Peacock
Edith Wenzel (L) Shane Wenzel (C) Jessie Brown (R)
David Wallace (L) A Peacock (C) Naheed Nenshi (R)

The Main Cast (so far)

The Fixer
The Former Mayor
The Developer
The Developer’s Mother
The Journalist

Animals & war…

In Ukraine a humanitarian effort continues to save and treat animal victims of war.

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 1914-1918 – First World War: More than 16 million animals were made to serve on all sides, with nine million killed (including eight million horses, mules and donkeys)

1914-1918 – First World War: 100,000 homing pigeons carried messages to and from the trenches

1915-1918 – First World War: During the British Army’s desert campaign in Sinai and Palestine, 50,000 transport camels carrying water, and mounted camel regiments (including the Imperial Camel Corps) formed the largest camel force the world has seen

1916 – First World War: 7,000 horses died in one day alone at the Battle of Verdun

1917 – First World War: Britain had over one million horses and mules in service (over the course of the war Britain lost more than 484,000 horses)

1918 – First World War: The British Army Veterinary Corps gained the ‘Royal’ prefix for its efforts in mitigating animal suffering. This was the first war in which a trained veterinary service existed

1936-1939 – Spanish Civil War: The war saw the demise of roughly half of Spanish livestockand post-war Spain had to import thousands of working mules from overseas

1939 – Second World War: Britain became the first nation to motorise its army, and had begun to replace horse cavalry with armoured vehicles in 1928

1939 – Second World War: Over 750,000 domestic pets were killed in Britain in one week following a government public information campaign about their safety and expected food shortages

1941 – Second World War: The German Army on the Eastern Front lost 179,000 horses in two months

1942 – Second World War: The British Army still employed 6,500 horses, 10,000 mules and 1,700 camels. In total, 200,000 animals – also including dogs and pigeons – were put into service by Britain

1942-1945 – Second World War: The British and Japanese in Burma used elephants for transport, building bridges and roads, and for pulling trucks out of the mud

1944 – Second World War: 14,000 mules were used by US military in northern Italy, and China used more than 20,000 mules in battles against the Japanese

1950-1953 – Korean War: Chinese and North Korean forces used mules to transport supplies, including during the 1951 Spring Offensive against South Korea

1955-1975 – Vietnam War: Use of Agent Orange to eliminate forest cover destroyed the habitats of tigers, Asian elephants, gibbons, civets, leopards and other species. At least 40,000 animals were killed by unexploded landmines in the 20 years following the war

1977-1992 – Mozambique Civil War: Giraffe and elephant herds in the Gorongosa National Park shrank by 90 per cent

1980-1988 – Iran-Iraq War: Populations of wild goat, wolves, otters, pelicans, striped hyenas, river dolphins and other wildlife were wiped out or reached the point of extinction

1983-2005 – Sudanese Civil War: South Sudan’s elephant population fell from 100,000 to 5,000

1990s – Afghan War: Over 75,000 animals were lost due to mines – more than half of the total livestock population

1990-1991 – Gulf War: More than 80 per cent of livestock in Kuwait died, including 790,000 sheep, 12,500 cows and 2,500 horses

1990-1991 – Gulf War: A deliberate oil leak into the Persian Gulf by Iraqi troops caused the deaths of up to 230,000 aquatic animals and birds, while 100 mammals were killed

1997 – First Congo War: Armed militias reached Garamba National Park and, in three months, half of the park’s elephants, two-thirds of buffaloes and three-quarters of hippos disappeared. Garamba had also been home to the last surviving wild Northern white rhinos

1998-1999 – Kosovo War: Kosovo’s cattle population reduced from 400,000 to 200,000

2001-present – War in Afghanistan: Military dogs supported British Special Forces operations. The UK Ministry of Defence said the role of the 11,000 dogs working across the armed forces ‘cannot be underestimated.’

2003-2011 – Iraq War: Insurgents commonly strapped bombs to dogs to target convoys and used donkeys to pull carts of explosives for the same purpose

2014 – Gaza Conflict: 20 per cent of the animal population estimated to be lost – including 15,000 missing sheep and goats