Cry $ Me $ A $ River $…

Analysts have lowered their profit estimates as Canada’s biggest banks release their third-quarter profits this week.

CIBC: Earnings Q3 2023: $1.43-billion ($1.47 per share)

National Bank of Canada : Earnings Q3 2023: $839-million ($2.36 per share)

Bank of Montreal : Earnings Q3 2023: $1.45-billion ($1.97 per share)

Bank of Nova Scotia: Earnings Q3 2023: $2.21-billion ($1.72 per share)

Royal Bank of Canada : Earnings Q3 2023: $3.9-billion ($2.73 per share)

Toronto Dominion : Earnings Q3 2023: $2.96-billion ($1.57 per share)


Court Painter tries to explain bank profits to his Press Attache AHM

Press Attache AHM tries to listen to CP explaining bank profits

The Donald’s Mug…

Court Painter shown all dressed up with large repro of The Donald’s Mug

Wordy content assistance by Chatterley Gregore Phonse Thunderbuns (ChatGPT for short)

Court Painter shown with framed and unframed repros of The Donald’s Mug

Unofficial unveiling

The unofficial black & white portrait and unlimited reproductions of former President Donald J. Trump (hereafter identified as The Donald), depicts him in a theatrical scowling pose, emitting a threatening air of disapproval. The stark painting presents The Donald wearing a suit and tie, with particular emphasis on capturing his foreboding eyebrows ,beady eyes, coiffured swoop of hair and a distinctive facial grimace typically exhibited while seated in a commanding rock hard masculine manner on the big white throne: staring down his rivals. The successful rendering aims to provide a lifelike representation of his robust big headed masculinity supported but not seen in the portrait by an expansive 215 pound frame.

Court Painter’s original of The Donald’s Mug based on a photograph of Donald’s mug!

The portrait’s background ,as one would expect in a black & white painting, is a subtle fusion of swirling greys, evoking an impression of unyielding authority and rock hard masculine prowess. The Court Painter employed a combination of traditional and contemporary artistic techniques to craft a compelling and visually arresting portrayal of The Donald’s imposing scowl supported but not visible in the painting by his substantial 215-pound presence.

Fine art handlers prepare the portrait in anticipation of shipment to The Trump Presidential Library being built on Rikers Island

Public Reception and Controversy:

As rumoured, the unveiling of the unofficial portrait sparked a range of reactions from the public passersby. Cult supporters of The Donald lauded the artwork for its realistic depiction of his animal like head however bemoaned the absence of the former president’s generous 215 pound girth which unfortunately was omitted from the portrait. In spite of that artistic error, they deemed it a suitable homage to his time in office, on the golf course and as a symbol of his influence on American politics, including the amplification of Stormy Daniels’ reputation as a truth-teller beyond her aesthetic appeal as just another pretty face.

Conversely, critics of The Donald and certain unverified art experts found fault with the portrait, asserting that it too closely resembled his staged mugshot and failed to adequately address the contentious aspects of his presidency especially his 215 pound mug shot weigh in. They argued that the portrayal lacked nuance and historical context, downplaying some of the more divisive facial expressions during his term and neglecting to capture his lurking alpha stalker presence by omitting his corpulent 215-pound physique in the unofficial portrait.

A late night show host proudly showing the repro he bought for cheap.


The unveiling of former President’s unofficial portrait by the Court Painter allegedly signifies an important juncture in unofficial American history and art. While the poorly attended ceremony showcased the artist’s talent, inventiveness and satyrical presence, it also seemingly raised inquiries about the selection of the painter and the potential for biased representation and consequent outright thievery of The Donald’s staged mugshot. As is the case with any artwork featuring a prominent political figure, the portrait is likely to remain a topic of debate and discussion for years to come, mirroring the presumably intricate and often polarizing legacy of the subject depicted but also adding to the trail of controversy dogging Court Painter.

Reproductions in a variety of sizes were selling like hotcakes and anonymous relatives of The Donald picked up a framed one.

Who rocks it better?…


DescriptionEnglish: Mug shot of Conrad Black.
Date15 December 2005
AuthorUnited States Marshals Service
Public domain, it’s work of United States Marshals Service.


The mug shot of Donald J Trump was released on August 25/23 by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office roughly an hour after the former president was booked as inmate P01135809 over charges that he illegally schemed to overturn his 2020 election loss in Georgia.

So we have a convicted US felon pardoned by President Trump in 2019 : Conrad Moffat Black, Lord Black of Crossharbour, coming out with a laudatory endorsement of Trump in the National Post on the same day as his arrest . Fancy that!

Conrad Black receiving his pardon from President Trump (reenactment)

Court Painter can’t be bothered linking to the article because he controls this post , not the National Post!

Court Painter strikes a pose of decisiveness and control!


In November of 2017 Court Painter paid homage to the artist Arcimboldo with a series of riffs of his famous paintings. Giuseppe Arcimboldo was a 16th Century Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and books

However today in anticipation of the release of Donald J Trumps mugshot, a X (Twitter) post revealed an upstage moment that not only was worthy, in a 21 century social media fashion of Arcimboldo, but maybe even Court Painter.

So on this momentous occasion may we present:

Court Painter’s interpretation of Missy’s X (Twitter) post

Just for old times sake here are Court Painters riffs on Arcimboldo

Before you scoff…

Editors note: Instead of spending your day of rest reading the Sunday New York Times, spend a leisurely Sunday wading through this rather lengthy yet informative Court Painter post..lots o’ words & pictures…what could be better?

Did Barbie Speed Up the Collapse of Trump’s Macho-Based Hate Movement?


AUG 18, 2023


Before you scoff, consider this:

— The reason “shock therapy” (electro-convulsive therapy or ECT) fell out of favor in America wasn’t just because of the development of anti-depressive medications during that era: it was also because of the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

— Deer hunting collapsed as a sport in large part because of the Disney movieBambi, and sociologists credit the film and it’s “Bambi Effect” with a rise in vegetarianism among boomers who were children when it came out (I sure still remember it, and my parents took me to see it during the film’s revival 66 years ago!).

— Teaching evolution and contrasting it with creationism in American classrooms became acceptable as the result of the movie Inherit The Wind about the Scopes Monkey Trial.

— The nationwide revival of the then-moribund Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s (leading to the Klan taking full political control of the State of Oregon that decade) was entirely attributable to D.W. Griffith’s movie Birth of a Nation.

— The movie Jaws caused a drop (that lasted for years) in people willing to swim in the ocean, as well as an increase in shark hunting that has caused some species to become endangered.

— The film Gone With The Wind, whitewashing the crimes of the Confederacy and the brutality of slavery, led to a revival in “Confederate Culture” that echoes across the South to this day.

Given this history, and the brilliant screenplay, acting, and production values of the movie Barbie, it would be naïve not to think it’s had an impact on American consciousness. The question is, how big is that impact?

And this just in….

CNN’s Michael Smerconish talks with film critic Ty Burr about the 1978 comedy smash “Animal House.

Not to be outdone by our influential neighbours to the south, in a grande apologetic Canuck gesture , Court Painter has nominated the following two movies as change agents in the course of cultural and social currents still felt in the Great Dominion… as far as we can tell!

Not a thrower of paint…

“It is sort of the Jackson Pollock School of Prosecution.She threw it all against the canvas.”

Jonathan Hurley, US Constitutional law expert.

Court Painter’s team of researchers has determined Mr. Hurley was dead wrong about Jackson Pollock’s painting technique .He was not a thrower of paint against the canvas! (see research article where no evidence was forthcoming that determined Pollock ever threw it all (his paint) against the canvas…drip, pour, weave, fluid mechanics yes…the movements of painterly poetics…but not with the crude throwing or Hurley hurling that only a lawyer would conjure up.)

Therefore Hurley’s criticism of Fulton County District Attorney Fanni Willis’ 98 page indictment against Trump and criminal associates is declared null and void by the court of Court Painter for a weak and poorly researched analogy ! May Trump’s ample ass find itself in the Big House asap!

The Court Painter Studio Institute & Foundation is known for keeping a watchful eye on all forms of analogical & metaphorical use and abuse of famous artists and their techniques.

Jackson Pollock is seen NOT throwing it all at the canvas!

Scientists reveal the physics of Jackson Pollock’s painting technique

BROWN Science & Technology article October 30, 2019

A study finds that Pollock’s “drip” technique was geared to avoid a classic fluid mechanical instability, whether he was aware of it or not. 

Jackson Pollock’s Number 1A (1948) was created using his “drip technique.” New research shows the technique was geared to avoid a classic fluid mechanical instability. Credit: “MOMA Pollock” by C.K.H. is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — The celebrated painter Jackson Pollock created his most iconic works not with a brush, but by pouring paint onto the canvas from above, weaving sinuous filaments of color into abstract masterpieces. A team of researchers analyzing the physics of Pollock’s technique has shown that the artist had a keen understanding of a classic phenomenon in fluid dynamics — whether he was aware of it or not. 

In a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE, the researchers show that Pollock’s technique seems to intentionally avoid what’s known as coiling instability — the tendency of a viscous fluid to form curls and coils when poured on a surface.  

“Like most painters, Jackson Pollock went through a long process of experimentation in order to perfect his technique,” said Roberto Zenit, a professor in Brown University’s School of Engineering and senior author on the paper. “What we were trying to do with this research is figure out what conclusions Pollock reached in order to execute his paintings the way he wanted. Our main finding in this paper was that Pollock’s movements and the properties of his paints were such that he avoided this coiling instability.”

Pollock’s technique typically involved pouring paint straight from a can or along a stick onto a canvas lying horizontally on the floor. It’s often referred to as the “drip technique,” but that’s a bit of a misnomer in the parlance of fluid mechanics, Zenit says. In fluid mechanics, “dripping” would be dispensing the fluid in a way that makes discrete droplets on the canvas. Pollock largely avoided droplets, in favor of unbroken filaments of paint stretching across the canvas. 

In order to understand exactly how the technique worked, Zenit and colleagues from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico analyzed extensive video of Pollock at work, taking careful measure of how fast he moved and how far from the canvas he poured his paints. Having gathered data on how Pollock worked, the researchers used an experimental setup to recreate his technique. Using the setup, the researchers could deposit paint using a syringe mounted at varying heights onto a canvas moving at varying speeds. The experiments helped to zero in on the most important aspects of what Pollock was doing. 

“We can vary one thing at a time so we can decipher the key elements of the technique,” Zenit said. “For example, we could vary the height from which the paint is poured and keep the speed constant to see how that changes things.”

The researchers found that the combination of Pollock’s hand speed, the distance he maintained from the canvas and the viscosity of his paint seem to be aimed at avoiding coiling instability. Anyone who’s ever poured a viscous fluid — perhaps some honey on toast — has likely seen some coiling instability. When a small amount of a viscous fluid is poured, it tends to stack up like a coil of rope before oozing across the surface. 

In the context of Pollock’s technique, the instability can result in paint filaments making pigtail-like curls when poured from the can. Some prior research had concluded that the curved lines in Pollock’s paintings were a result of this instability, but this latest research shows the opposite. 

“What we found is that he moved his hand at a sufficiently high speed and a sufficiently short height such that this coiling would not occur,” Zenit said.

Zenit says the findings could be useful in authenticating Pollock’s works. Too many tight curls might suggest that a drip-style painting is not a Pollock. The work could also inform other settings in which viscous fluids are stretched into filaments, such as the manufacture of fiber optics. But Zenit says his main interest in the work is that it’s simply a fascinating way to explore interesting questions in fluid mechanics. 

“I consider myself to be a fluid mechanics messenger,” he said. “This is my excuse to talk science. It’s fascinating to see that painters are really fluid mechanicians, even though they may not know it.”

Zenit’s co-authors on the paper were Bernardo Palacios, Alfonso Rosario, Monica M. Wilhelmus and Sandra Zetina. The research was supported by DGAPA-PAPIIT-UNAM (IN108016) and ACT-FONCA (04S.04.IN.ACT.038.18).

soothers for seniors…

As individuals age, they encounter a multitude of life changes, both physical and emotional, that can contribute to stress. That’s why a variety of soothers also called pacifiers are recommended to ease the extraordinary stress of ordinary life.

It’s important to recognize that often, seniors, like the man we shall call Don, can feel stress for reasons that they insist are beyond their control. This explainer aims to shed light on the various factors that can lead to stress among a senior like Don, and why it’s essential to provide media support and lots of legal financing during this phase of his troubled life.

Changes in Roles and Independence: Adjusting to changes in roles within the family or community, such as transitioning from a lifelong career and facing incarceration, can be challenging. A senior like Don may also face a loss of independence due to physical limitations in an isolation cell, requiring him to rely on others for daily tasks. These anticipated changes can lead to stress as he adapts to his evolving circumstances, dealing with new gang member acquaintances and negotiating deals with the prison guards. The rapid pace of technological advancements and societal changes can also be overwhelming for some seniors. Having one’s Twitter account seized by prosecutors, for instance, can result in feelings of being left behind, leading to stress and a sense of disconnection from the world outside the walls.

It’s important to recognize that a senior like Don often faces stressors that, according to him, are beyond his control. Providing empathetic fan mail, cult member support, and opportunities for social interaction in the yard can make a significant difference in helping seniors navigate these challenges. By understanding the unique stressors they face, we can work to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for a stressed-out senior like Don, even within the challenging setting of The Big House.

This is why a variety of senior soothers are recommended to soothe life’s little stresses that seniors might encounter on the way and settling into The Big House !

Court Painter & recent painting Don with soother/pacifier

Soothers are available in different sizes depending on stress levels.Check with your doctor for guidance.

DJ PP The Broken Record Man…

DJ PP the Broken Record Man

Court Painter’s Press Attache AHM goes on a rant. Court Painter has locked the door to his studio and is staying clear of the rant for business reasons.

“Going for broke, Pierre Poilievre loves to go on record, repeating himself like a broken record with the recurring theme of brokenness infecting the Great Dominion. Despite his claim of being completely non-partisan and objective in the interests of all Canadians , as the leader of the federal Conservative opposition, he has found a convenient whipping boy in the form of Justin Trudeau, who also happens to be the Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal party.

While there are legitimate criticisms aplenty about policies and governance that could be directed at the present federal government, DJ PP the Broken Record Man’s lack of imagination, in terms of presenting thoughtful and substantial alternatives for improvement, is evident. He seems to have only one go-to message – he pulls out another broken record from his collection for yet another sophomoric spin!”

DJ PP the Broken Record Man

DJ PP spinner of the non stop broken record

Yeah, the Great Dominion has 7 conservative leaning provincial if you want more Mean music with a federal rhythm, go for DJ PP’s broken record collection spin and find out what a broken Great Dominion really sounds and looks like !

Court Painter and DJ PP the Broken Record Man

DJ PP at the broken record turntable spinning out the same ole hit!

Looks rather cracked I would say…

Always with the drama…

In a stunning diplomatic move by the Great Dominion,Court Painter is sent to China and becomes a thespian in a Chinese Drama

click link for dramatic video

Court Painter plays the role of master painter and teacher to a beautiful student

Stunningly for Court Painter the producers called him out; “enough already with the frisky randy attitude on set” and he was properly sent home after one episode – leaving a diplomatic incident in his wake!

always with the drama…