Rollin’ the dice…

Dr Hinshaw & Premier Kenney rollin’ the dice!

The TYEE July 29,2021
At the first COVID-19 news conference in almost a month, and quite possibly the last one ever, chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw  let Albertans know yesterday that they and their still-unvaccinated children will basically be on their own when it comes to the virus’s rapidly spreading Delta variant.

With Delta-dominated post-Calgary-Stampede COVID-19 rates surging and more than 1.5 million Albertans including all children under 12 still unvaccinated, Dr. Hinshaw announced that in less than three weeks Albertans who test positive for COVID-19 will no longer be required to go into isolation, or seemingly do anything else.

At that point, Alberta will probably be the only jurisdiction in the world where such a state of affairs exists, at least officially. So if COVID-infected Albertans want to go to a bar, hang out in restaurants, sing in church, or attend musical concerts, there’s nothing to stop them. They can fill their boots!

CBC News:July 29/21

The province announced Wednesday that Alberta will soon have no mandatory COVID-19 protocols: no more mandatory masking, contact tracing or isolating. It’s part of a move to treat the coronavirus more like other respiratory viruses.

Starting Thursday, anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test result must isolate, but quarantine for their close contacts will be recommended and not mandatory. 

On Aug. 16, isolation following a positive test will no longer be required but “strongly recommended,” and by the end of August, testing will be scaled back to only those with severe symptoms.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said that lifting the remaining health orders in Alberta was “the height of insanity.”

Premier Kenney at a meet & greet with Lady COVID

what would Jesus do?…

CBC NEWS July 29,2021

The Roman Catholic Church spent millions of dollars that were supposed to go to residential school survivors on lawyers, administration, a private fundraising company and unapproved loans, according to documents obtained by CBC News.

The documents include a host of other revelations. They appear to contradict the Catholic Church’s public claims about money paid to survivors.

“There are also a large number of serious accounting discrepancies that are alarming to Canada,” states one document, a 53-page federal government “factum” summarizing the evidence in a 2015 court matter.

None of the other churches involved in the landmark Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement of 2005 — Anglican, United and Presbyterian — engaged in any of these practices. They all paid the full amounts agreed to years ago without incident.


neo Nazi garb anyone?…

Court Painter innocently glancing at a CBC website page Monday morning spotted an advertisement directing the viewer to what appears to be Neo Nazi garb for sale on WAYRATES.

The Iron Cross and Iron Eagle ,two obvious symbols from the WW2 Nazi era are prominent on the shirt and pants in addition to striped colour bands of black ,white and red; Nazi colours.One can assume the manufactured dirt staining on the garb is meant to appeal to the rough and tumble white supremacist buyers.

Raises question of how does a WAYRATES advertisement selling Neo Nazi garb appear on a public broadcasting website page?

The Iron Eagle, former symbol of Hitler’s Third Reich, is commonly used by neo-Nazi groups today to represent power and strength to the movement. The Iron Eagle is a patch typically earned by committing an act of violence. As modern German law prohibits the production of items containing Nazi insignia, the West German government authorized replacement Iron Crosses in 1957 with a trifoliate Oak Leaf Cluster in place of the swastika.

Say it ain’t so…

Mrs. Enid is woke episode on 22 Minutes in January 2018 led us to believe she believed in climate change and you were a nincompoop otherwise!

The 2021 version of Mrs.Enid was speaking at an anti vaxxer rally in Halifax.

Cathy Jones….anti masker…anti vaxxer….say it ain’t so!

watershed moment…

Excerpted from The Narwhal : Fairy Creek, the RCMP and a win for press freedom 21/7/22

The RCMP imposed restrictions on journalists seeking to report on arrests in “exclusion zones” set up by police to enforce a Teal-Jones injunction against protesters fighting old-growth logging on Vancouver Island.  The RCMP also provided incorrect information to both journalists and the court about the conflict.

 Justice Douglas Thompson concluded in his ruling that the RCMP failed to justify its “extensive” exclusion zones. The RCMP, he wrote, must “keep in mind the media’s special role in a free and democratic society, and the necessity of avoiding undue and unnecessary interference with the journalistic function.”

The ruling confirms the right to know what’s happening when a police force conducts mass arrests at the site of a major conflict and reinforces the right to see what’s happening on that scene, through the eyes of journalists.

“This is, without question, a watershed moment in the history of Canadian press freedom advocacy.” 

Brent Jolly, president of the Canadian Association of Journalists, after a coalition of journalism organizations won a  court victory over the RCMP’s actions at the Fairy Creek logging blockades.

just when we needed you most…


Former leader Elizabeth May has inexplicably remained silent!

Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press
 It remains unclear if there is any (non-criminal) organization in the world — let alone a political party, where people are expected to be conniving — that has treated its leader worse than the Green Party of Canada is treating Annamie Paul.Paul, who may or may not still even be a member of her party, has been subject to the most toxic internecine backbiting that seasoned political observers have ever seen in this country. (I say this as one who covered the Ontario Progressive Conservatives’ regicidal crusade against leader Patrick Brown in the months before the 2018 election.)It was this past spring that the Star’s Alex Ballingall first broke the story of the Greens’ undermining of their leader, the first Black person and the first Jewish woman to head a major political party in Canada.The slow-motion defenestration continued this week when Ballingall reported the party is considering reviewing Paul’s membership status (not just her leadership status).As Susan Delacourt, who covered the Liberals’ debilitating Chrétien-Martin war in the late 1990s and early 2000s better than any other journalist, wrote this week, the “Green Party of Canada is in all-new territory here.”“The assault on Annamie Paul’s leadership is now taking place [on] three fronts: confidence, cash and, unbelievably, membership in the party itself,” noted Delacourt.

public health…

Excerpted from Canadian Medical Association  /  Association médicale canadienne communication of July 15, 2021

CMA updates policy on firearms control: extensive consultations on public health impact

After consultations with physicians, provincial medical associations and national medical specialty associations, the Canadian Medical Association is releasing an updated firearms control policy.

Through this updated policy Opens in a new window, the CMA joins a number of other major associations, including the Australian Medical Association, the American Medical Association, the Canadian Paediatric Society and the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, in recognizing firearms as a serious threat to public health, and one of the main causes of both intentional and unintentional injuries and death.

This policy affirms that gun violence is a public health issue, and that physicians should engage with citizens and government to reduce harm from gun violence,

Physicians have a unique perspective on firearms; as health care providers, they observe the lifelong health challenges that affect patients who survive firearm injuries. They also witness lives lost as a result of firearm use.

Firearm-related injuries and fatalities are a major cause of premature and preventable death in Canada. From 2013 to 2017, 3,703 Canadians of all ages died from firearm injuries — 75% of these deaths were from suicide while 20% of deaths were from homicide.

There is robust scientific evidence that a firearm in the home is associated with a higher risk of suicide and that safe storage of firearms is associated with a lower risk of completed suicides and unintentional injuries.

Tucker’s joke…

Court Painter watches stuff! He loves to watch stuff.He was fortunate to watch Tucker make a joke and Glenn almost not get it. Because of Court Painter’s technical prowess he was able to capture Tucker making a funny and Glenn almost missing it …and then posting it to the Youtube thingy.

Court Painter hopes you all get the joke!