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Rex Murphy

Tamara Lich has been awarded The George Jonas Freedom Award for her part in organizing the Freedom Convoy truckers protest that drew international attention for occupying Ottawa’s downtown core in February

The Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) will present the award to Lich on June 16 at a ceremony in Toronto. (click link for info)

National Post columnist Rex Murphy is slated to be the keynote speaker.

George Jonas (1935-2016) was a renowned Canadian author, poet and columnist who wrote on the importance of freedoms. The award recognizes and honours one individual each year who has contributed significantly to advancing and preserving freedom in Canada.

For leading the convoy, Tamara Lich was charged on Feb. 17 with mischief, counselling mischief, intimidation, counselling intimidation, counselling obstruction of police and obstructing police. The allegations have not been proven in court.

an inspirational folktale….

Chicken Little is an example of a folktale that makes light of paranoia and mass hysteria. It is reported to be Elon Musk’s favourite tale of inspiration for the recent controversial purchase of Twitter

 There are several Western versions of the story, of which Chicken Little is the best-known and concerns a chick that believes the sky is falling when an acorn falls on its head. The chick decides to tell the king and, on its journey, meets other animals (mostly other fowl) which join it in the quest. After this point, there are many endings. In the most familiar, a fox invites them to its lair and then eats them all. Alternatively, the last one, usually Cocky Lockey, survives long enough to warn the chick, who escapes. In others all are rescued and finally speak to the king.

In most retellings, the animals have rhyming names, commonly Chicken Licken or Chicken Little, Henny Penny or Hen-Len, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky or Ducky Daddles, Drakey Lakey, Goosey Loosey or Goosey Poosey, Gander Lander, Turkey Lurkey and Foxy Loxy or Foxy Woxy and most recently Musky Dusky.

Because of deep pockets and financial clout , Elon has inspired and inserted a new character Musky Dusky into the tale, dispensing freedom of speechifying to all the most fowl in the recent Chicken Little version while training a little blue bird to do his bidding!

Musky Dusky is a Tweet Freak Oligarch whose Twitter handle is Musky Dusky @muskydusky

Special thanks to Cara H for reminding CP of Chicken Little

A slightly flawed national treasure…

Editors note: The article was submitted by Court Painter’s Press Attache A Hardon MacKay claiming it to be a product inspired from a period of sterling literary style whereas the word and it’s combinations therein were untouched by the GPT3-Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 autoregressive that AI’s algorithms foist upon the modern page.

unsolicited article…

Editors note: No images relating to the following unsolicited article were supplied by the author however a random selection of Court Painter storage works have been made available for your viewing pleasure by the generosity of the Court Painter Tax Shelter Foundation Co.


The First-Ever Sample of Cigarette Ash Collected From the Court Painter Is Coming to Auction. Socialist Minded Pinkos Thinks It Belongs to the People

After a storied history, the ash sample is hitting the auction block once again.

Despite the best efforts of AHM,Press Attache to Court Painter, samples of cigarette ash collected by an unpaid studio intern could fetch more than $8 next month at Waddington’s Yard Sale in Toronto.The auction house is touting the lot as “the only Court Painter ash sample that can be legally sold”—but if AHM had his way, even this sample wouldn’t be offered to a private buyer. 

Seems an unidentified studio intern scooped up a handful of the fine, chalky particles studded with sawdust that comprise the specimen. After the studio intern was forced to turn over the sample and summarily fired , it remained in an unassuming discarded weed decontamination baggie over the studio slop sink. At some point in time, Court Painter & AHM lost track of the baggie, but by 2020 it was mysteriously in the possession of CP’s nemesis and competitor CC (name available upon request)—who was indicted for stealing discarded CP cigarette butts from the studio ashtrays. When CC was convicted in the court of public opinion, the bag ,as one would expect, became the property of Jason Kenney’s oily government.

A former and currently disgraced Alberta attorney general purchased the sample online for $7.95 from a government sale in 2021, without knowing exactly what was inside the lot, which was labeled only as a “ zippered sample baggie containing precious cancer stick ash.” Intrigued, the former, now currently disgraced attorney general sent the bag to (redacted) to learn more, and when the (redacted) agency realized the import of the bag, it refused to return the sample to him. Without being prompted, CC (name available upon request) insisted that “this artifact, I believe, belongs to the Alberta people and should be on display for the public and protected from the Chinook..” In spite of Court Painter’s freedom of the market place leanings, he was quite moved by the statement!

However, fate being fate…the currently disgraced, former attorney general only allowed private viewings for a fee , and Rachel and the NDP are really pissed off along with others too numerous to mention who believe the viewings should be socialized .W Brett Wilson is fine with the way things are.

Now, for reasons not made public, the sample is returning to auction once again in the not too distant future, where it anchors the “Court Painter Detritus Pile Featuring A Special Cigarette Ash Sample” sale and carries an estimate of $9.99 to $12 . Additional featured lots include an original photo of Court Painter butting a cigarette in a glass of Pilsner beer at the Cecil Hotel and a discarded, used cigarette holder believed to be FDRs.

None of this article could be verified at the time of posting.

now what…?

Powerful US Senator Joe Manchin Seen with Premier Kenney Loves the Oilsands. Now What? via @TheTyee

First he stymied Biden’s climate bill. Then he tied Canada to his obstructive agenda.

CLICK LINK for TYEE article

“While Manchin travels the world chasing bad ideas, people are ready for a new economy,” said Winona LaDuke, founder of the Indigenous-led environmental group Honor the Earth, which is currently fighting against Enbridge’s Line 3 oilsands project in Minnesota.

“The water protectors facing trial for resisting the Line 3 pipeline, folks in Canada and the First Nations battling the devastation of the tarsands, and the folks in West Virginia who stood up against Manchin’s corrupt coal waste operation all want the same thing: a chance to live good lives free from pollution.

what if…?

Court Painter considers questions from a thought-provoking article.

Click Link for article

KC COLE IDEAS Wired :APR 20, 2022


“One thing I love about science is that much of what’s true, what’s interesting, makes no sense (to us) at all. All of life encoded in some silly spiral ladder of molecules that spells out how to grow, when to stop, whether to flower or swim or study the universe? Give me a break. Curved spacetime doesn’t make sense; time dilation doesn’t make sense; quantum mechanics isn’t even supposed to make sense.

So what? They work. Just like evolution. Maybe understanding is knowing what works and what doesn’t—including what works to tame pandemics, put a lid on global warming, better manage war. It is clear that what we are doing isn’t working.

But understanding is more. It’s a basic need, like breathing, an urge that all (human) beings share. It’s not information. It’s not description. It’s not even explanation. It requires imagination, awareness, recognition. It’s a feeling as much as anything. I like how it feels to comprehend, in some rough sense, how DNA makes tulips out of dirt and sun. what makes the Milky Way’s arms spiral, why rain falls but clouds and airplanes (generally) don’t.

A lot remains uncertain, ambiguous, unknown. That’s fine. I can feel lost and still remain connected, still admire, acknowledge—give my regards!”

What if the antidote to fear isn’t understanding?

What if it’s appreciation?

What if it’s beauty?

GPT3…watch for it…

Artificial intelligence is close to enabling the limitless spread of highly believable disinformation. The AI program GPT-3 is already so good that you can give it a topic and a tone and it will spit out as many essays as you like, typically with perfect grammar and a surprising level of coherence. In a year or two, when the program is upgraded to GPT-4, it will become far more capable.

GP3-Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. It is the third-generation language prediction model in the GPT-n series created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research laboratory.

In a 2020 Atlantic essay titled “The Supply of Disinformation Will Soon Be Infinite,” Renée DiResta, the research manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory, explained that spreading falsehoods—whether through text, images, or deep-fake videos—will quickly become inconceivably easy. (She co-wrote the essay with GPT-3.)

Source excerpts :The Atlantic April 11/22 ideas click link for 2020 essay

If you detected the T was missing in the images it shows you have a keen eye and always read Court Painter’s posts to the end. He thanks you and honestly he fired his copy editor for being too negative by always pointing out mistakes and omissions.

Twitter-storm continues…

Court Painter confronted Elon Musk yesterday about his intentions with purchasing Twitter and what he would do about allowing one of Court Painter’s major non paying clients back on Twitter.
The discussion got heated according to anonymous sources in the next room.

The negotiations continued today with threats of poison pills and other big boy business threats.

Musk said he’s opposed to permanent user bans — the most famous of which is Twitter’s account suspension after the Jan. 6 US Capitol riot of former President Donald Trump who just happens to be a celebrity client of Court Painter.

Court Painter who is known as a tough negotiator wants to hold Musk to that promise should Musk acquire Twitter only because it looks good for CP’s future commission business …like it used to be!

Back & forth…back & forth the two Titans sparred like warriors of ancient times!


Court Painter confronted Elon Musk about his intentions with purchasing Twitter and what he would do about allowing one of Court Painter’s major non paying clients back on Twitter.

The discussion got heated according to anonymous sources in the next room.

in all directions…

Pierre Poilievre tells Calgary supporters he’ll build pipelines in all directions

Here a pipe there a pipe everywhere a pipe pipe!

He promises to support pipelines south, north, east, west ,up down all around and up the wazoo where the sun don’t shine!

Court Painter and Smoke & Funhouse Mirror