command structure…

Queen of Canada prepared to take command!

Formally, there is a direct chain of command from the Queen of Canada to the governor general, through the Chief of the Defence Staff to all of the officers who hold the Queen’s Commission, and through them, to all members of the Canadian Forces.

Seems it may take the Queen of Canada to take command & clean up this ongoing mess!

Chief of Defence Staffs & Governor General seem to have disappeared dishonourably and the tradition continues…

May 14-Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin under military investigation, is no longer leading vaccine campaign

May 14-Military replaces another top officer in wake of sexual misconduct allegations. Vice-Admiral Hayden Edmundson removed from post as head of HR during ongoing military police investigation

tripping out …

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault
  •  OTTAWA — After suggesting that under Bill C-10, the Canadian Radio-television and telecommunications Commission (CRTC) could impose discoverability regulations on individuals who have a large-enough following online, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault now says that’s not the case.

In a new statement sent to CTV News late Sunday night, the minister says he used “unclear” language when he referred to people and online channels being subject to federal regulations as part of the government’s updates to the Broadcasting Act.

In the interview on CTV’s Question Period that aired on March 9, the minister said more than once that while the CRTC isn’t going to be regulating everyday user’s content, the regulator could have powers related to the discoverability of online content for people whose channels have “millions of viewers,” are “generating a lot of money on social media,” and are “acting like broadcasters.”

March 10

MPs on the House of Commons heritage committee agreed today to pause a detailed review of the federal government’s broadcasting bill while the Department of Justice looks into whether recent amendments violate the free speech rights of social media users.

Conservative, Liberal, Bloc and NDP MPs all voted in favour of asking for a revised “charter statement” on Bill C-10. Such statements are issued by the justice minister to examine the potential impact new legislation may have on Canadians’ rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The motion also requests that both Justice Minister David Lametti and Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault, along with a panel of experts, appear before the committee to discuss the implications of recent amendments to the bill and take questions from committee members.

medium… message…


The struggle in social media is not among competing messages on a web site. It’s between people and the big companies that would colonize us, mine us for data, and program our every online move. The medium is indeed the message here. And the medium, which is in dire need of regulation, is Facebook.

Marshall McLuhan
Marshall McLuhan saying

what went wrong…

Poor intelligence gathering on COVID-19, faulty risk assessments on the spread of the virus, and a Public Health Agency that lacked enough scientific expertise all helped make the pandemic worse in Canada than it should have been, a parliamentary committee heard Friday. Globe & Mail May 8/21

Meeting No. 35 HESA – Standing Committee on Health ,Friday, May 7, 2021

Emergency Situation Facing Canadians in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic


Michael Garner Witness comments begin 14.14.29

From 2006 to 2019 Michael Garner worked as an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist at the Public Health Agency of Canada, beginning as a Field Epidemiologist, and working primarily in research and control of emerging infectious diseases – which COVID-19 is one.

Excerpted from Globe & Mail article of May 8/21

Harper Government installs bureaucrat as president of Public Health,Trudeau Government keeps in place.

The Battle…

Gustav Dore Illustration from Milton’s Paradise Lost:The battle of the angels

Court Painter has freely distilled from an article by Matthew Dowd political pundit & analyst in Medium: Truth and Democracy: The Dividing line in America today

Today, the gravest threat to the globe is the attacks on fragile and frayed democracies combined with a major segment of citizens and leaders who no longer consider telling the truth a fundamental value.

This battle for democracy and for truth is the most pivotal and crucial crisis facing America and the world today. It is absolutely imperative that leaders understand this, and focus their time and resources in a way that shows they know the issue of democracy and truth is the most important task to be done in this moment.

The great dividing line today is: on one side the belief in a common set of facts, the common good, and a vibrant active expansive democracy, on the opposing side of this is the exact opposite.

It is time to realize party labels and platforms are ludicrous if we lose democracy and the ability to tell the truth and trust that facts matter.

A Court Painter Series of Twists on Dore based on Gustav Dore’s illustrations for Milton’s Paradise Lost

Invest in buses already…


What we need are not more energy-efficient cars or self-driving cars or, as president of Lyft, John Zimmer fantasized, privately owned fleets that are available for hire, but fewer cars entirely. We need people biking, walking, taking buses and trains and subways, or otherwise riding in something besides a free-ranging, 3,000-pound metal exoskeleton with an error-prone operator, digital or human. If safety is often cited as a prime reason for developing autonomous vehicles—about 36,000 Americans die in car accidents every year—then perhaps a better way of saving lives is to have fewer cars on the road, replaced by mass transit and other public options.

In contrast to all the hype and expense of autonomous vehicles—along with the regulatory and technical and economic uncertainty—bicycles, sidewalks, and public transport work exceedingly well. They are known quantities that can be strengthened and made more accessible with a fraction of the resources that have been poured into A.V. research. They are safe and enhance the urban experience. They contribute few, if any, emissions and don’t enrich a handful of oligarchs at the expense of the common interest.

Excerpted : Jacob Silverman/May 3, 2021 The New Republic