OTTAWA –Party leaders had some choice words for Prime Minister Trudeau who was caught on video speaking candidly to other world leaders about U.S. President Donald Trump.

In the video of Trudeau joking together with Britain’s Boris Johnson and France’s  Emmanuel Macron, the PM makes apparent reference to President Trump’s unscheduled press conference held earlier that day, as well as his unscheduled announcement of the next G7 location.

“You just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor,” Trudeau says.

With those few words Trudeau just blew apart Canadian’s long standing reputation throughout the entire world of being the nice and polite one in a world of boorish critics that make light of The Donald’s continuing shit show! Justin …how could you!

Thankfully 3 political leaders of the Great Dominion had some time on their hands and offered choice and disingenuous words for a non apologetic Prime Minister.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer accused Prime Minister Trudeau of having “poor judgment” and a “love of drama.” “At a time when Canada needs strong relationships more than ever, Justin Trudeau’s poor judgment, lack of professionalism, and love of drama continues to weaken Canada’s position on the world stage. We saw this just yesterday at the NATO Summit,” said Scheer. Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet  said Trudeau’s “apparent lack of respect” for Trump “is shopping for some more troubles” with Canada’s neighbours to the south.NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh“What I’ve said often about Mr. Trudeau is that he certainly says some things in public and then says things very differently in private,” said Singh”I’m concerned in the sense that there are many things to criticize Mr. Trump on, but making the prime minister late to a cocktail party is not one,” said Singh.

The leader of the Rhino Party thought better of weighing in….