Dander Up with Jason…

Premier Jason Kenney seems to have David Suzuki living in his head and it gets his dander up!

CLICK link to video of Premier Kenney unloading in response to Sun journalist Rick Bell's questions regarding environmentalist David Suzuki .

SOURCE Following excerpts from Nov 24 2021 article :  Max Fawcett — National Observer

Jason Kenney tweeted that “this incitement to violence by David Suzuki is dangerous, and should be condemned universally. In Canada, we resolve our differences peacefully and democratically, not with threats of terrorism or acts of violence.”

Oddly, that doesn’t seem to apply to one of Kenney’s biggest supporters.

W. Brett Wilson, a former “dragon” on CBC’s Dragons’ Den and current climate change skeptic who got a shoutout from the premier at last weekend’s UCP convention in Calgary, has repeatedly threatened environmental activists with hanging for “treason.” He tweeted that Ecojustice, a Canadian environmental law charity with an office in Alberta, should “watch your back.” And when given an opportunity to clarify whether his comments about hangings and treason were just a bad joke, Wilson doubled down. “I didn’t joke,” he tweeted. “I was serious about hanging foreign-funded protesters — undermining our nation — for treason.” 

So far, neither Kenney nor his environment minister has publicly criticized Wilson for his comments, much less tabled a resolution in the legislature calling for him to be condemned as they have for Suzuki. Funny, that.

There’s both the obvious hypocrisy here and a bit of irony, given Suzuki and Wilson have an awful lot in common. Both can be self-aggrandizing and arrogant blowhards who at times seem more interested in hearing their own voices than using them for good. Both have large followings and a devoted core of supporters, and both have the ability to make news simply by opening their mouths.

And while Wilson remains a member of the petro-conservative inner circle in Alberta, Suzuki is its original bête noire