Although all of this was in plain view, many art critics, even people of rank, spread a variety of stories. Different people had different views as to what possessed Court Painter. Some said it was a kind of frenzy. Others claimed he was possessed by a demon or maybe even worse, the Muse.

Let us accept that this infamy happened from a natural cause. This teaches us he has failed to repress the passions of the soul, and has become dominated by them, flirting with  irreparable harm to his natural constitution. It was said that Court Painter had been damaged in a certain lobe in a region of the brain by excessive imaginings, fantasies and anxieties.They say that there is the region in the brain, a very small, plump but slender lobe that nourishes the power of imagination and fantasy. Therefore when imaginations and fantasies abound in us, this little lobe becomes agitated, and if it is sufficiently stirred and frenzied, it ruptures, and the person falls into a delirium of artistic peripetectics and lunacy.

Court Painter fails to set a limit, then, in his fantasies and imaginations, his conjectures and other pointless and useless cogitations thus falling into so great and irremediable a peril as to claim to be in the spasms of perdition.

Meanwhile Court Painter on most good days continues to hob nob and gallivant around with unrestrained glee and occasional gravity, sporting a full palette while exercising his social climbing proclivities whomever and wherever the company …whatever the setting !