Chelsea, give Lord Black a dingle…

Controversial whistleblower Chelsea Manning fighting to be let into Canada

Canadian government is arguing she is inadmissible due to her prior convictions

Chelsea Manning, the former U.S. intelligence analyst who was convicted in one the largest breaches of classified information in American history, is fighting to be allowed into Canada.

The Canadian government is seeking to ban her from entering the country, arguing that she should be denied entry because of the serious criminality of her prior convictions on espionage charges in her home country.

Chelsea should really give Lord Black of Crossharbour a dingle seeing as he knows as a non Canadian felon how to enter the Great Dominion!

Conrad Black returns to Toronto after serving jail time in U.S.

Conrad Moffat Black, Lord Black of Crossharbour, arrived home in Toronto for the first time in nearly five years after being being released from a Florida prison early Friday morning.

As photographers and television cameras gathered around their front gate, Amiel and Black embraced and kissed as they walked around their property, enjoying one of Toronto’s first warm days of spring.

Lord Black, dressed in a dark suit, was enthusiastically greeted by his two pet dogs — pure white Hungarian Kuvaszok — inside his gated property after arriving home.

He is believed to have traveled to Toronto by private jet.

Lord Black is a British citizen, but he has been granted a one-year temporary resident permit by the Canadian Stephen Harper government, which is valid from May 2012 to May 2013.

In May 2019, Lord Black received a full pardon from US president Donald Trump. Black said that his long-time friendship and public support of the president including the book he wrote that praised Trump, had nothing to do with the pardon.

Lord Black of Crossharbour continues to submit his antiquated if not quaint views notably in the National Post on his issue of indigenous peoples not having invented the wheel and something something about racism.