The Battle…

Gustav Dore Illustration from Milton’s Paradise Lost:The battle of the angels

Court Painter has freely distilled from an article by Matthew Dowd political pundit & analyst in Medium: Truth and Democracy: The Dividing line in America today

Today, the gravest threat to the globe is the attacks on fragile and frayed democracies combined with a major segment of citizens and leaders who no longer consider telling the truth a fundamental value.

This battle for democracy and for truth is the most pivotal and crucial crisis facing America and the world today. It is absolutely imperative that leaders understand this, and focus their time and resources in a way that shows they know the issue of democracy and truth is the most important task to be done in this moment.

The great dividing line today is: on one side the belief in a common set of facts, the common good, and a vibrant active expansive democracy, on the opposing side of this is the exact opposite.

It is time to realize party labels and platforms are ludicrous if we lose democracy and the ability to tell the truth and trust that facts matter.

A Court Painter Series of Twists on Dore based on Gustav Dore’s illustrations for Milton’s Paradise Lost