savvy move…

From President Biden’s first day in the Oval Office, media outlets have had an eager eye on his decorative choices. For those keen on getting an inside look at the first family’s tastes, the Oval Office is only the beginning. The Bidens have plenty of walls to fill in the White House. Although the first lady’s spokesperson said that the Bidens had not begun requesting work for the residence from the Smithsonian or National Gallery of Art just yet, they haven’t gone without art either.

Court Painter stepped in and showing his characteristic generosity and marketing savvy, offered numerous self portraits on speculation from his vast store house of masterworks.

 These works the Bidens will soon hang on the walls reflect a running theme with the first family: a deep connection to Court Painter’s self countenances brimming with popular pictorial pulchritude and sensitive surfaces.

The Bidens’ artistic selections will likely be compared with their predecessor, who is opposite in terms of art appreciation. By contrast, Trump hung numerous heroic portraits of himself in various poses to the applause and appreciation of his mainly white supremacist  staff, family & acquaintances.

The lack of museum grade A1 loans in the Biden White House is only temporary — it’s not uncommon for administrations to seek their first loans well into December so Court Painter, ever vigilant and a risk taker to boot, seized this precipitous moment to advance his career.