Blurred Real Good!

Court Painter  explains his new public art piece located in the alley behind his Inglewood studio.

There is a phenomenon that happens between people when brief glances take place as I encounter strange wanderers in my studio back alley. Sometimes a person is deep in thought, skipping, twirling, checking emails but always a nasty micro expression will be exchanged… that fleeting twitch at the corner of the mouth is something that happens unconsciously and yet it lies at the very base of my fear of most people who hang out or pass through the alley. The alley is the wanderers short cut from here to there and where I myself sometimes pass out for a nap.

Anyway my concept is to introduce artworks that echo the fleeting encounters I have with these alley walkers by situating  on easels ,large-scale portraits  based on these alley walkers who frequently pass or pass out by my studio door . These portraits will be purposefully taken out-of-focus reminding me of my issues with never getting a fricken in- focus  photo….ever!  Each face will contain the original words EGO IS MY AMMO in English that annoyingly floats on top of the portrait and should irritate the viewer. These words will be directed towards the random alley walkers as a reflection of the only thing going on in my mind, and so are unlikely to resonate within their private thoughts as they walk or stagger through the alley.

The faces in the black and white portraits will appear to change their gaze, following the alley walkers at the same pace in which they are walking through the said alley. This will create an uncomfortable flow/momentum between the portraits and the alley walkers, like a bad conversation you want to escape.

The artwork becomes a mirror without reflection of the various alley walkers who use the alley as a short cut from here to there and invites possibilities of interpretations of what they are thinking behind their scrunched faces when they look at me with scorn,derision and contempt.”

ALERT: change of plan

Since none of the alley walkers approached would pose for free I have decided to go to plan B as a backup and have used one head downloaded from the internet of an unnamed Alberta College of Art& Design  faculty member blurred real good!