Court Painter

The Court Painter & Allan Harding Mackay

A self-proclaimed political junkie, artist Allan Harding MacKay creatively digitizes his satirical views about the recurring political and celebrity buffoonery in Canada and elsewhere. The characters featured in his cartoon collages either occupy the electoral centre stage or strategically manipulate it from the wings. Contingent on current political circumstances, images of the players are plucked from the Internet and inserted into various staged settings. Begun in mid-2013, and emailed for fun to friends, these creations give MacKay a platform to humorously vent his opinion and protest the daily news he avidly reads online.

The Court Painter & archives are now online!

Peter Simpson @ Ottawa Citizen, May 8, 2015 - "A satirist quietly ridicules Duffy, Harper, Trudeau and
the political circus"


Court Painter | Oct 23, 2015 - Jan 18, 2016 | Press Release PDF or PDF

Court Painter | Oct 6 - 25, 2015 | PDF