bobble d gook…

The Local Bobblehead Hall of the Infamous introduces Court Painter bobbleheads to meet the demand of his cult following

Two versions of the bobblehead are available with one sporting a short beard and the other sporting a long beard with crumbs.

Presently Court Painter has many official self portraits and as his  leadership in the arts becomes more exalted, he’ll get a statue on a hill or in a valley so lone…although he admits to wanting an airport landing strip named after him.

The Local Bobblehead Hall of the Infamous is conveniently located in Inglewood next to Court Painter’s studio. It unveiled two new Court Painter bobbleheads , in an attempt to meet the demand of discerning collectors for Court Painter memorabilia.

The bobbleheads are individually numbered, up to 2,000,000, and can only be bought directly from the Hall of the Infamous and Court Painter’s studio. They are not intended for children or high tech executives …only sophisticated art patrons and deep pocket influencers may apply.

Court Painter’s Press Attache A Hardon MacKay went on to explain the inexplicable.

‘We get requests from all over the place, from the U.S., Canada, internationally, for Court Painter bobbleheads . He has a major cult following and bobbleheads make a perfect way for people to worship their favourite art celebrity and celebrate his unique phrenology.

To make the bobbleheads reflect as accurately as possible Court Painter’s phrenologic charisma, we source hand tinted pictures, as many pictures as we can find, which is easy for Court Painter much like other famous celebrities. They are then hand sculpted out of clay by unpaid studio interns. The process takes some time and require back and forth adjustments until it looks just like Court Painter and then it’s painted and  enhanced around the eyes with individual eye lashes  and sparkle dust to bring out the stunning pale blue of the windows of his soul. During that process, we do two versions: a short beard and a long beard with crumbs to reflect the indecisive nature of Court Painter throughout his artistic career. We decided to offer two so people can get their favourite or both, double bobbies we call them!

With many many other artists,  their popularity can be a rollercoaster usually going down. Not with Court Painter! We are introducing the bobbleheads at the peak of Court Painter’s popularity and are producing a big bunch in anticipation of the growing scale of his cult following and are pleased as punch to have gotten more into the cult-adjacent mainstream market …with bobbleheads for the ages.

We get a lot of requests from people who just think he’s cute and they like him for that reason. But also people to numerous to mention, adore him as an relatable art personality not like those other stuck up artistes who shall remain beardless and can paint only under north light.’

straightforward scenario …

US Rep Jamie Raskin

Excerpted from New Republic article: Jamie Raskin, Democracy’s Defender

Michael Tomasky/January 3, 2022

These next three years will test our democracy in ways it hasn’t been tested since the 1860s, or maybe ever. The scenario is pretty straightforward. The Republicans retake the House in the midterms. Immediately, any chance of Biden passing meaningful legislation is dead, but that’s the least of it. The GOP will launch hearing after hearing, issue subpoena after subpoena; they will find some flimsy rationale on which to impeach Biden, and they will stretch it out as long as possible. Trump will run—as Raskin put it, “for psychological, political, and financial reasons”—and he will be the GOP nominee, Raskin has little doubt. Assuming Biden seeks reelection, the election will probably be close, because elections just are these days. If Biden wins by a matter of several thousand votes in a few states, as he did in 2020, the Trump machinery will kick into gear to steal the election. Republican election commissioners and state legislators and even some governors will put forward pro-Trump electors. The House of Representatives will not vote to certify Biden’s win in January 2025, which will toss the election to the House, which will make Trump president. (When a presidential election gets thrown to the House, under the Twelfth Amendment, the vote is by state delegation, so North Dakota has the same voting power as California; Republicans now control, and will likely in 2025 still control, a majority of state delegations, and Liz Cheney will probably be gone, meaning that Wyoming will go pro-Trump.) For the second time in the history of the United States, the other time being 1824, Congress will have installed as the president a candidate who did not win a plurality of votes in either the Electoral College or the popular vote.

“Donald Trump has now converted every formerly ministerial step of the process into a moment for partisan rumble and contest,” Raskin told me. “So when we’re talking about the certification of the state popular vote, the governors’ certification of the electors, the electors meeting, and then the January 6th joint session receipt of the electors … all these phases of the process have now been turned into yet another opportunity for partisan combat.” There is no question in Raskin’s mind that this is what Trump and his supporters will try to do.

a Royal sitting…

Questions raised over secrecy around Queen’s private portrait sitting with artist from the colonies 

Royal watchers say Buckingham Palace ‘could have handled it differently’ after the news was leaked to a newspaper

The Queen is undertaking “light duties” after an artistic visit for “preliminary sketches followed by full colour rendering” as Buckingham Palace faced questions over its handling of news of her evening portrait sitting with Court Painter ,the Great Dominion’s preeminent portrait painter of pulchritude and pomp.. The 95-year-old monarch is said be resting at Windsor Castle after undergoing the rigorous sitting , having been advised by doctors to rest for a few days and cancelled a two-day binge of watching Coronation Street.

Boris Johnson commented on the Queen’s condition during a visit to a local disco in west London on Friday: “I think everybody sends Her Majesty our very, very best wishes after an exhausting painting session with the notoriously temperamental Court Painter. “But I’m given to understand that actually Her Majesty is characteristically back at her desk at Windsor as we speak. But we send her every possible good wish.We love you mum!”

That Buckingham Palace confirmed the latest visit and portrait sitting only once the Sun newspaper ran it as a front page exclusive triggering a debate over how the nation learned of it and raising questions over palace transparency when it comes to dealing with visits by colonial celebrity portraitists.

Prince Andrew was seen viewing the portrait and sweating profusely!

Court Painter could not be reached for comment as he was wandering aimlessly about the colonies seeking new commissions.

A Family that Grifts together grifts together…

UPDATE from post of January 4,2022

Court Painter found a family in January of 2022 that was willing to pose for this grifter series.

As fate would have it, the exact same family is in the news today with some exciting news! Unfortunately the son in law will have to wait for his comeuppance.

Court Painter now hopes to donate the series to the 45th Presidential Library

Broken news on September 21/22

NEW YORK (AP) — New York’s attorney general sued former President Donald Trump and his company for fraud on Wednesday, alleging they padded his net worth by billions of dollars by lying about the value of prized assets including golf courses, hotels and his homes at Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago.

Attorney General Letitia James dubbed it: “The art of the steal.”

James’ lawsuit, filed in state court in New York, is the culmination of a three-year civil investigation of Trump and the Trump Organization. Trump’s three eldest children, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump, were also named as defendants, along with two longtime company executives, Allen Weisselberg and Jeffrey McConney.