The Future as Another Slogan

During the festive holiday season and much to the chagrin of his Press Attache and business manager AHM; Court Painter with too much time on his hands, ¬†repurposed his state of the art north lit portrait studio into a silk screen shop to produce a line of messaged T-shirts based on the theme of…wait for it..Surveillance Capitalism!

Where the hell is the market for obscure surveillance ironies on T shirts for goodness sake when Facebook spielmeister Mark Zuckerberg just pronounced “The Future is Private” as a slogan for our future.

(This appears to be a slogan replacement for “Move Fast,Break Things”, ¬†since that visionary business plan of Mr. Z. has already taken a digital hammer to breaking democratic values in quick time!)

Court Painter stubbornly refused to discuss his newly hatched market product and slammed the studio door!

Anyway…he distributed samples of the product modelled by Mr. Eye Candy himself!



The Great Unifier

Jan 3, 2020:

Iranian Commander assassinated by USA in Iraq.

Trump authorized a drone strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani without congressional approval or consultation with allies.