It’s A Man’s World ETC.

“I understand that there is a problem, but women need to stop being victims. There are two ways for this to happen: One is for men to stop harassing women. Another is for women just to ignore the problem and carry on. That second approach has been tried for many years and was, I thought, successful. Let’s go back to that. It is much easier for women to stop complaining than it is for men to have to change their behaviour and give them the basic respect they accord colleagues they do not want to sleep with.”

Alexandra Petri : article The Washington Post

Can’t Stress This Enough: Your Move America




Yale University psychiatry professor Bandy X. Lee, who hosted meetings with one Republican and a handful of Democrat politicians in December, said in an interview with Politico published Wednesday that Trump’s tweets were an indication of his inability to cope with the pressures of the presidency and believes the president is “unraveling” and “falling apart under stress.”

Trump actually does not have a nuclear button he has a nuclear football (however he does have a Diet Coke order button)

Trump is “going back to conspiracy theories, denying things he has admitted before, his being drawn to violent videos; he is going to get worse and will become uncontainable with the pressures of the presidency. He’s going to unravel, and we are seeing the signs.”

Her comments are particularly pertinent following Trump’s now infamous nuclear button tweet, in which he boasted of the U.S.’s nuclear capabilities in a tweet aimed at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Button Button whose got the button

The psychiatrist is also the editor of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, which looks into the president’s “dangerousness” and features interviews with a number of mental health experts.

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