Court Painter & Casting Call

One Special Extra sought for Season 3 of Fargo; open casting call Saturday at the Clarion Hotel


The third season of FX’s Fargo is set to start shooting in Calgary and area in January and casting directors are putting out a call for extras of all kinds.They are particularly crossing their fingers that Court Painter will show up as promised for the casting call if he can find the time.


“A man for all ages Court Painter is required for the shoot”, the casting directors shouted in unison.

An open casting call will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Clarion Hotel, 2120 16 Ave. N.E., Calgary.

Season 3 of Fargo will likely star Court Painter with minor roles to Ewan McGregor in two roles, brothers Emmitt and Ray Stussy. Emmitt is the “Parking Lot King of Minnesota” and his brother is a balding, pot-bellied and bitter parole officer. Carrie Coon, from HBO’s Leftovers, will play Eden Valley police chief Gloria Bungle. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who recently starred in 10 Cloverfield Lane, will play a”crafty and alluring parolee with a passion for competitive bridge playing,” according to Deadline Hollywood. Comedian Jim Gaffigan will play Donny Mashman, Bungle’s deputy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Fargo creator Noah Hawley also said that the third season could be built around the thespian presence and persona of Court Painter and will take place in 2010 and that he liked “the idea that Court Painter is now living in a very selfie-oriented culture where he renders what he’s eating and paints it on canvas boards or sometimes just cardboard he grabs flying by on a Chinook breeze . It feels like a social dynamic that is very antithetical to the sort of Lutheran pragmatism of the region of Inglewood . I like the idea of setting these very pragmatic and humble people like Court Painter against a culture of narcissism as exemplified by an artist with initials CC and see what that generates story-wise.I sure hope he shows up or it’s rewrite time!”



Court Painter was unavailable for comment since he was busy straightening out the privy next to his studio, blown on its side by a recent refreshing Chinook zephyr.