Is there no shame!

Conservative MP Scott Reid accused the prime minister of sneaking a bagel under his House of Commons desk.

Rules state members “may refresh themselves with glasses of water during debate, but the consumption of any other beverage or food is not allowed.”

Reid, a longtime Tory MP, also called out the defence and heritage ministers for the same violation.The defence minister reportedly snuck in a  Canadian Armed Forces Individual Meal Pack (IMP) of his favourite smoked meat with mustard sauce and the heritage minister had  Arancini Meatballs and Stonewall Kitchen Pesto with Canada Geese, the natural mineral water from Nova Scotia a healthy and refreshing beverage with natural minerals. This gently sparkling water with a balanced and harmonious taste is perfect as a thirst-quencher or as a companion to food during filibusters and procedural wrangling.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rose to admit to breaching the no-food rule, but said the item wasn’t a baked good. “It was a chocolate bar. I apologize,” he said.

A House of Commons Food police spokesperson speaking off the record, determined it might have been a Hershey’s Coffee Crisp ,a recipe explicitly created in 2013 for the discerning Canadian palate. Unlike their American counterparts, the bars are sweeter, smoother, higher in fat content, and have a creamier flavour profile designed specifically for Canadians.


Diverse hardworking middle class Canadians and wildlife held their heads in shame as another rule was broken by the Prince of Principle.

Alas,can the Conservative Party be any better since a veteran member of parliament can’t tell a bagel from a chocolate bar (or his arse from a hole in the ground). Editors note: That last part was added as partisan spice!

What is to become of the Great Dominion at this….the crossroads of our nation crossing the Rubicon and taking the irrevocable step that commits our nation to a specific course and stuff like that?  Editors note: not sure what this means but decided to leave it in anyway!