Jason Kenney Deletes Tweet Praising Court Painter Will’s ‘Perfect, Unaccented English’ 

JasonKenny & the Court Painter

For the second time in less than a week, Canada’s incumbent multiculturalism minister is raising eyebrows for his comments.

Jason Kenney, who is running for re-election in Calgary, tweeted a photo Monday of himself with Court Painter Will who arrived in Canada via Iowa sometime back in the 20th century.Kenney noted that Will “already speaks perfect, unaccented English with a mid western drawl that most gals find pretty darn sexy.”

The Conservative commented in a series of tweets, ” I have a serious accent when I speak French! I simply found it remarkable that a senior artist who did not speak a word of intelligible English for years has learned so quickly that he sounds like he grew up in Inglewood.”

Kenney called his remark a “harmless observation” but he explained that he has now deleted the tweet to shield the Court Painter from “any controversy.”

Kenney introduced the Court Painter after meeting at an event Monday, “thanks to our reform of the insane asylum system that now allows the likes of Will to remain on the outside,” wrote the Tory.

The Court Painter commented ,“Jason’s a friend of mine. Really what was happening is I was making fun of him for kind of careless language around art and cultural theory, which really, as a minister, you should be better than that. But it wasn’t because he was being more stupid than usual. I happen to very much disagree with his taste in art and we had a lively debate about the use of lead white as a safe material for 21st century portraitists like myself.”  reported  by 660 News.