Glimpse of A Relic

Crowds flock to Calgary studio for glimpse of relic Court Painter’s painting arm

Sunday Artists flocked to Court Painter’s studio on Sunday, where the bare painting arm of Court Painter was flexed and on display .

Thousands of Calgary’s art faithful flocked to the Inglewood studio on Sunday for the rare opportunity to see the 76-year old relic and his painting arm.

Devotees shed tears and prayed for rain as they lined up for the opportunity to touch the arm of Court Painter, an artist whose masterworks have  blessed thousands of fans around the world since way back when.

It was simply a mad media scene!

Artist CC (name available upon request)said he was thankful for the opportunity to share this experience with his svelte and  talented partner Ms. D.

“It just makes it so real. This relic of a painter exists and shares his love for staging publicity stunts to tease the art market all over the world…I am always on the lookout for pointers” he said.

Court Painter’s multi tasking painting arm is revered particularly at the Ship & Anchor where he is able to hoist a few on a regular basis.

Press Attache A Hardon MacKay in a sonorous voice mentioned that,”For local portrait painters, their reverence to the honorable relic Court Painter and his arm is very physical, very tangible,” he said, explaining that the veneration of relics like Court Painter is a concrete way for devotees to experience their faith in spitting images rendered  while scoffing wine and wonder bread during the reception.

Crowds gathered at Court Painter’s studio to see the painting arm of Court Painter while taking the opportunity to visit  with the septuagenarian relic.

“It’s very inspiring to say the least, I’m moved every day we open the studio” AHM said and was heartened to see so many young art students at the event. He said it’s incredible that in a way, the Court Painter is “still on an art mission and he ain’t paralyzed yet!”

“He sort of represents this art missionary spirit or impulse that the art market is calling for,” he said.


Court Painter in addressing the studio visitors flexed his arm and roared “This is how I brush artfully , not without many struggles and obstacles  however; we all face these adversaries, these struggles with the canvas and in the market place of  ideas and cheap reproductions.”

Comfortably seated Court Painter went on to flex his arm which visitors were able to view or touch as he tried different degrees of arm-bending to most bring out the tricep. He flexed his abs, and especially chest and delts, pressed his arm against his torso to make it look thicker while pushing forward his painting arm against his skinny other arm to bring out shoulder detail.

Court Painter’s painting arm will be flexed again on Monday at The Ship & Anchor pub from 6 p.m. until closing time before staggering back to the studio.