Stormy Donald

Court Painter summoned to paint daring portrait of The Donald after results of medical report.

“Stormy Donald” original /artist Court Painter

Following a closed door White House private painting frenzy ,a source with direct knowledge of the confidential goings on… being a source familiar with the matter….spilled the beans! The source described The Donald as basking in his recent effusive medical report  and reaching out to an old platonic friend who, at The Donald’s prompting, agreed he had quite a rack. She indicated her admiration for the ‘best set of man boobs’  she had ever seen by the shape, size, position, symmetry, spacing, firmness, and amount of sagging and offered up ‘you’re rockin’ a 36 DD+ for sure Donald….I should know’. The comparison was conducted on Skype as both tittered in glee and said they hadn’t had so much fun since the”wink* wink* tighty whitey sleep over.” With the comparison done,The Donald had one of his people contact one of Court Painter’s people who happened to be his loyal yet uncomplaining underpaid Press Attache A Hardon MacKay.

The commission deal was done on the spot with an IOU and within 2 days Court Painter unveiled his new daring portrait entitled ‘Stormy Donald’ with The Donald gushing ‘it’s a bust out masterwork CP ….. eat your heart out Sloppy Steve!’

‘Sloppy Steve’ artist unknown