Always in Vogue

As if Canadians haven’t had enough fun watching the flurry of international media attention paid to our apparently handsome Court Painter, he now appears to have earned the most important stamp of approval in fashion: that of Anna Wintour, the legendary editor of Vogue magazine.

Court Painter & Anna

Court Painter’s Press Attache A Hardon Mackay made sure that the magazine dispatched a photographer to snap the Court Painter in his decrepit single car garage Inglewood studio last week. The studio was closed for several hours during the shoot.


(UPDATE: the studio says the shoot took less than an hour, but  was closed to public tours for several hours because the Court Painter’s  many unpaid buxom studio assistants were holding a wildcat strike. 

The studio was closed to patrons,politicians, and collectors due to the photo shoot and the wildcat thingy). 

The fashion photos are expected to appear in the January issue.

Wintour’s power in the fashion industry is legendary. It’s widely believed she is the inspiration behind the new Court Painterfashion book and animated movie, The Court Painter Wears Prada Short Pants .

Court Painter & Piggy

The U.S. fashion magazine first took notice earlier this month when it blogged about Canada’s feminist Court Painter.

In spite of the obvious publicity the Court Painter refused to confirm the photo shoot and didn’t answer questions about whether it was American Vogue or one of the international editions. 

It’s not the first time Condé Nast, the parent company of Vogue, has noticed the Court Painter. He was featured in Vanity Fair a year ago, well ahead of his firing by ex Prime Minister Harper on Oct. 19. That shoot also took place in his Inglewood studio, a breathtaking Gothic piece of crap quite near to the tracks. It’s the only part of an original 4 buggy garage left after a fire destroyed the rest in 1916. 

Court Painter & Vanity fair cover

Earlier this month, New York Magazine featured the Court Painter as a Corn Husk doll.

Court Painter & corn husk doll