Anti-Vogue Everyman

Court Painter’s new video an attempt to cast him as an anti-Vogue everyman: strategists

Celebrity portraitist Court Painter introduced himself to art enthusiasts of the Great Dominion this week in a glamour-free video depicting the spry septuagenarian as a very average guy. According to  A Hardon MacKay Press Attache and strategist, ‘dorky and likeable is just what the Court Painter needs to enhance his brand and sales.’

To underscore his ordinariness he faked a Time cover as a joke,was photographed with federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer doing the Hokey Pokey, and convinced Washington insider Kellyanne Conway to accompany him as eye candy in a yet to be named  photo essay,

“Court Painter is aware Vogue magazine is never going to pay money to photograph him again ; being  a slightly dorky extremely nice guy and it’s always easy to make fun of an extremely dorky guy and if people of discernment learn his name, the video is working,” said Press Attache AHM. With his words AHM was contrasting Court Painter’s modesty to his chief rival Calgary artist C.C. (name available upon request) whose just dyeing to be  on the cover of Vogue.

But if People magazine’s latest choice for its ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ is any indication, chuckled out of work faux fur clad communications  strategist A Girl Named Robin. “Court Painter might just land himself a cover spot one day.”

“I think there’s a turning point now,” continued A Girl Named Robin, tongue placed firmly-in-cheek which made her look real odd. A Hardon MacKay did not find it funny and stood up for Court Painter,”He’s the plain Jane of the plains portrait painters… plain and simple.”

In the video, Court Painter is seen walking in circles in his Inglewood studio , wearing an untucked, slightly rumpled, plaid hipster shirt, something borrowed something blue and a stern expression.

“Hi, I’m Court Painter,” he says before approaching his studio assistants arranged neatly on the floor. “Hi guys,” he says before they scramble away .

Some on social media were quick to poke fun of the video. A political art strategist  tweeted: “Not to be critical of this TV ad or anything, but Court Painter looks like somebody just dragged him off the casting couch.”

Another fashion critic said she watched the ad more than once. Her initial reaction? “Oh my god …not plaid! puleeze!”

After a second viewing, she said, she understood the intent of the ad was anti-glamour. “This is what a real person looks like in a very basic, non-manufactured ad.”

“To meet Court Painter is to know he’s a pretty dull but decent, average guy,” said AHM. “So to point a camera at  Court Painter … there’s not a lot of strategy. He’s banking on the fact that if you meet him, you like him and will give him a cig.”

Another mouthy strategist , said the ad reminded him of C.C. (name available upon request) in his early days.

“It’s not sizzle and flash, it’s, ‘Here’s who I am. This is what I’m about and I’m not threatening,’” he said. “It’s a big thing for art leaders, particularly Calgary ones, who people murmur about having socially conservative art views to demonstrate they’re not threatening.”

“Court Painter’s untucked plaid hipster shirt is C.C’s(name available upon request) black T shirt… period! Whether it has the same effect over time, we shall see.”

So is Court Painter trying too hard to appear unthreatening?

A Hardon MacKay butted in and said those who know Court Painter might think he’s “overdoing” average, but it still might put tattoo artists at ease. He said the ad introduces him to people in the art world who don’t know him and to those who have heard him described as “Cran-lite”.

AHM went on to say that Court Painter is taking advantage of a huge strategic error on C.C’s part — leaving the perception through his botched hipster fashion rollout that he’s going after the high roller nitch art market.

“While CC (name available upon request) is  trying to fix those things, the damage is done. Meanwhile, the spotlight is on the uber wealthy art collectors and their efforts to avoid paying tax or declaring their assets,” AHM added with a populist sneer!

“This is the best moment to distinguish Court Painter from CC (name available upon request) and the international high roller art scene…..Court Painter is wise to take advantage while the issues are timely and expectations are low.”

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