coulda had class, been a contender, been a somebody…

Convoy actors Tamara Lich, Bernard Miller and a stand in for Karl Malden re-enact a scene from On the Waterfront.
Miller continues to have swasitka flag bearers dance in his head

Counsel to the Convoy Organizers Bernard Miller with his inexplicable hair do was a conspicuous No Show in the final public chapter of the Public Order Emergency Commission Hearings. The producers of the show promised yet failed to deliver on a grand finale dust up between the combative lawyer Miller with his inexplicable hair do and the serene and well coffered Prime Minister Trudeau: the highly anticipated yet failed storyline was to lay a mortification upon Justin’s shoulders that even Rex Murphy could not have contemplated in his gratification of a desire to attempt by his unconscious to resolve some repressed conflict. Anyway Rex would have been ecstatic at the expected outcome in the traditional sense of describing someone who is nearly out of their mind with intense emotion as in the early use of  ecstatic that was sometimes linked to mystic trances, out-of-body experiences, and temporary madness. The plot failed even the verbose Mr. Murphy! We digress…

Whad happen’!?

13% of Canadians polled were sure Bernard Miller with his inexplicable hair do would have whupped Justin’s ass and sealed once and for all the righteousness of the Freedom Convoy’s claims for real freedom and escape from the chains of tyranny that Justin’s version of democracy doth embrace at last estimate…100% of Canadians. Yes it’s counterintuitive but democracy also embraces those who would wish it gone.

So here we are …left dangling in the long shadow of democracy as Freedumb fighter lawyer Bernard with the unexplainable hair do…sends a girl…a girl…in his place and he is a Big Wimp No Show! (Editors note: The reference to a girl is left in the text to provide readers with an historical and cultural context of the male animus stakes that Counsel Bernard with his inexplicable hairdo and Big Wimp No Show attitude , left on the mat of contestation.)

Convoy Organizers final presentation lawyer

Court Painter & his entire studio staff apologize for being so annoyed but the producers of the program promised a battle between democratic governance & well…something else…but all we got were weeks of build up with the protagonist and pugilist counsel Bernard Miller with his inexplicable hair do; setting the table for the final chapter of knock em sock em face-off and ideological fisticuffs with the some what experienced brawler Justin Trudeau also known to occupy the soft hands position of Prime Minister.

The serene Prime Minister JT brought his A game

So being unsure who the writers were at CPAC who obviously missed the drama of the times and future Heritage Moment, Court Painter and his studio team are left to stew in their distempered juices!

However in spite of a dramatic plot unrealized : Thanks a lot CPAC and to the serene Prime Minister for a drama well executed and job well done!

Court Painter with a triptych featuring the champ!

PS: Mr Millar with his inexplicable hair do was last seen out of breath from chasing false leads , hunching over a crystal ball in anticipation of identifying the phantom swastika flag bearer…

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