An operation called Peacock…

Court Painter was uncharacteristically tight lipped about how a recent portrait installation including a peacock are connected . He mumbled something about the Art speaks for itself and requires no explanation and besides he ‘has to live in this town’.. media reports however tell a more fulsome story!

A Peacock

Source: Excerpted from CBC News ,November 18/22

‘Former Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi is at the centre of a Canadaland story about an alleged plot to entrap him into accepting illegal Russian money. Shane Wenzel a local Calgary business owner and his mother Edith Wenzel are suing the media organization as well as a former political fixer David Wallace for alleging they had involvement in the plot. 

Canadaland, the news site that reported on the alleged scheme, said “Operation Peacock” was orchestrated by political strategists and political fixer David Wallace and was backed by local business interests.’

David Wallace & a Peacock
Edith Wenzel (L) Shane Wenzel (C) Jessie Brown (R)
David Wallace (L) A Peacock (C) Naheed Nenshi (R)

The Main Cast (so far)

The Fixer
The Former Mayor
The Developer
The Developer’s Mother
The Journalist