UPDATE: Bitter Barry’s Bitter Resentments

UPDATE from post of October 28,2015.

Jason Kenney’s Inquiry Into ‘Anti-Alberta’ Activities Publishes Report Attacking Climate Change Science(https://pressprogress.ca/jason-kenneys-inquiry-into-anti-alberta-activities-publishes-report-attacking-climate-change-science/)CLICK LINK FOR ARTICLE

“A $3.5-million Alberta government public inquiry into alleged foreign-funded anti-energy campaigns has posted commissioned studies that experts say are based on junk climate-denial science, bizarre conspiracy theories and oil-industry propaganda.

In the report political scientist Barry Cooper wrote for the Alberta inquiry, he falsely referred to “the growing scientific skepticism regarding the so-called consensus view regarding anthropogenic climate change,” when in fact scientific consensus on the cause of climate change has been growing. “

January 14,2021 Excerpted from CBC News story

Court Painter with recent portrait of Bitter Barry

Barry Cooper is a member of an influential group of conservative political scientists the Calgary School, which also includes Tom Flanagan, Rainer Knopff,Ted Morton and David Bercuson. 

Court Painter in 2015 rendered Professor Cooper in a series entitled  Bitter Barry’s Bitter Resentments that captured a number of his conclusions on  the state of the Great Dominion!

resentment #1

Resentment #2

Resentment #3

resentment #4