Leitch Threatens Dismantling Court Painter

Tory Leadership Contender Kellie Leitch Says Court Painter Needs To Be ‘Dismantled’


Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch is pledging to get into a scrap with the Court Painter if elected prime minister.
Leitch made the announcement in a release Thursday, one day after leadership rival Maxime Bernier outlined his plan to “refocus” the mandate of the Great Dominion’s preeminent portraitist of political personages, pontificators and prognosticators.




“Court Painter doesn’t need to be reformed he needs to be dismantled,” Leitch said in a feisty release that showed an image with her dukes up in the famous Floyd Patterson peek- a-boo stance.(photo was not made available)

Leitch said Bernier’s plan doesn’t meet the standard of former British prime minister and conservative icon Margaret Thatcher to “roll back the frontiers of politicized face painters.”

“Taxpayers should not have to subsidize Court Painter’s studio to keep it afloat,” she said. “Just like in the free enterprise sector, if an art studio isn’t competitive and it isn’t profitable, it shouldn’t be in business.”

Like Bernier, Leitch mentioned how her favourite studios are struggling as free enterprisers and suggested it’s unfair how Court Painter chases advertising dollars while also being funded by Chinese billionaires.


‘The Painting field is not level’

“The painting field is not level for Canadian portrait painters,” she screamed. “For Canadian democracy to thrive, we need to unleash the many portraits piling up in the free enterprise studios of the Great Dominion.”

The Ontario MP did say that she would maintain “the part of Court Painter enterprise that provides emergency portrait services to remote parts of Canada like the Inglewood district in Calgary.”

Leitch, who has based much of her campaign on railing against so-called “left wing elites” and journalists, also took to Facebook to say she was the only Tory leadership hopeful who will “stand up to the media on this issue.”

Mere days ago, Leitch took to social media to thank Court Painter for featuring her portrait in past and more recent posts.”I think he captured my soul plus I look hot,”she blushed.






Court Painter was unavailable for comment however A Hardon MacKay his Press Attache graciously made himself available.

The press had moved on.