red serge/yellow surge…

Court Painter presents a colour update to the red serge dress uniform of the RCMP to better reflect the contemporary attitudes and modus operandi of upper management and too many rank and file.

mo·dus op·e·ran·di/ˌmōdəs ˌäpəˈrandē,ˌmōdəs ˌäpəˈrandī

  1. a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established.

Our lawyers are headed to Federal Court next week, face to face with the RCMP.
We’re demanding accountability after a nearly seven-year delay in our complaint against the RCMP for illegal surveillance of climate organizations and Indigenous land defenders.
In November 2020, we launched our lawsuit against the RCMP Commissioner for extreme delays in responding to public complaints.
On September 21 and 22, we’ll be in hearings at the Federal Court.
Our lawyers will show the court how delays have plagued the complaints system for over a decade, and how the RCMP Commissioner can frustrate the complaints process by sitting on reports for years on end.
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Sexual harassment settlements

In October 2016,the RCMP commissioner apologized for what he referred to as “shameful conduct” by the organization. An internal investigation determined that up to 20,000 female officers and civilian employees since 1974, may have been the victim of harassment, discrimination, and/or sexual abuse.

On July 8, 2019 the National Post announced that a $100 million settlement was reached in a class-action lawsuit against the RCMP for sexual harassment. Compensation for proven claims over the 45-year period would range from $10,000 to $222,000 each.

The 2016 settlement for $100 million covered female officers who had been sexually harassed in the RCMP since September 1974. A second settlement in 2019 for $100 million was for women in non-policing roles at the RCMP.

We could go on but you get the picture and the need for a dress uniform colour change.

Remember how brave and photogenic the Mounties were in the red serge before the yellow surge…or was it the lighting….