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Excerpted from the September 6,2021 Statement by Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, and Danforth Families for Safe Communities on Erin O’Toole’s Conservative Party platform
 Far from being reassured by Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole’s statement yesterday regarding the ban on semi-automatic assault weapons, our organizations – representing physicians, scientists, survivors of gun violence, and anti-hate researchers – are further alarmed.
Mr. O’Toole has not committed to maintaining the assault weapons ban, nor has he committed to enshrining the ban in legislation and preparing to buyback the now-prohibited guns.

Mr. O’Toole has only committed to studying the ban as part of a review of the classification system of firearms. Yet, on page 90 of the Conservative Party platform, he commits specifically to consulting with gun manufacturers and gun owners. There is no such mention of survivors, physicians, women, anti-hate researchers, scientists, or academics.

Finally, on page 90 of the Conservative platform, Mr. O’Toole has committed to repealing Bill C-71, legislation that, among other important measures, strengthens background checks on new gun purchasers.

Noted: Fred Delorey, who is currently the Conservative national campaign manager. was registered to lobby on behalf of the National Firearms Association (NFA) until resigning in 2019.