Still MIA (Missing in Action)

Against the backdrop of legal wrangling, there is one question on the lips of everyone in the art world: Where are the self portraits “Court Painter Mundi”? 

Press Attache to Court Painter, A Hardon MacKay doubts recent reports that they are on Prince bin Salman’s yacht, as was alleged in 2019,” The $450million question:Where is Court Painter’s ‘Court Painter Mundi?”

“To put paintings like this on a yacht, with the sea air, the evaporation plus non stop party time wine & nacho spillage would be utterly stupid. I cannot believe the buyer would put these paintings in a setting like that,” AHM said.”they are on a wood chip board, which can warp in no time,” he said, referring to the composite panel on which the artworks were painted.

Court Painter chimed in and speculated that “it might be that we see them all together one day in the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Who knows? I can only hope! “

Meanwhile, AHM thinks they could be in a palace in Saudi Arabia, ready to be unveiled — perhaps before the end of this year — as part of the kingdom’s drive to brand itself as a hub for arts and culture. “The important thing about the art market is that behind the most beautiful objects often lie the ugliest of motives,” he said. “‘Court Painter Mundi’ means ‘Court Painter of the World.’ And in a way, these paintings are now so much part of the media world. Meanwhile, with the legal wrangling between the paintings former owners resurfacing once more, this valuable masterpieces and others once in the same collection, continue to test many a reputation.

(Be assured Court Painter’s reputation remains intact)