A public service…

Court Painter proudly displays his target prototypes.

Court Painter has noticed unrest throughout the Great Dominion and a pent up antagonism being expressed against all leaders of the Great Dominion’s national parties. Knowing this is not healthy for the national psyche ,Court Painter has directed his razor sharp talent( if a government grant comes through) at providing free of charge and as a public service; a targeted release valve!

Dart boards featuring portraits of the 5 leaders.This altruistic gesture is intended to  help release strong political emotions by engaging in the enjoyable, vigorous, and relaxing activity of throwing stuff at a loathed target.

The dart boards would be distributed to all Canadians however only one per family is recommended to encourage vigorous intra family competition & squabbles about which choice of leader deserves to be targeted. In the spirit of spirits all 5 leader dart boards would be made available to all drinking establishments and anarchist operations throughout the land.

The dart boards do not come with darts as CP feels the choice of projectiles should be a provincial freedom of choice issue and best left to each recipient.