Blank stare…

Blank canvas staring affects Court Painter’s brain

Court Painter averages 3.6 hours a day staring into space at a blank canvas 

Disclaimer: Rumour on the innernet has spread that AHM Press Attache & Commission Procurement Officer for Court Painter has fallen down on the job and has failed to procure new commissions because of time being diverted to opening a Dance Club.In denial he commented," My eye is always on the blank canvas of procurement while simultaneously twisting the night away!"

Court Painter spends more than three hours a day staring at a blank canvas, a new analysis of studio activity levels finds. The downside of the condition enhances memories of the good old days, salty language , production loss and sales anxiety.

The findings, published  by a reputable research firm, bolsters concerns that heavy use of staring at a blank canvas can hurt a growing mind. However because the study captures a single snapshot in time, it’s still not known whether too much staring blankly at a blank canvas can actually harm artistic brain development and minimize those fabled eureka moments, the unidentified expert cautioned.

Researchers used data gleaned from the Court Painter analysis on his daily staring blankly into the empty space of a blank canvas as part of a larger effort called the Artist Blank Staring into Blank Space Brain Cognitive Development Study.(ABSIBSBCDS) As a benchmark for the new study, the researchers used expert guidelines set back in the mists of time however their recommendations came up blank.

In spite of that, the study coauthor maintains the results are concerning, “This raises a white flag that must be saluted.”