Sunday painter …

Court Painter is joined by AHM as the final stroke is placed on the canvas.

AHM Press Attache to Court Painter is often seen on his Sunday stroll as a hunched, plodding figure with his beady eyes firmly fixed ground ward. However this Sunday he had a camera clutched tightly in his shaky left hand in anticipation of hitting the magic button with the finger of his right hand as soon as an image of delight caught his keen attention! ( this in spite of the microscopic fibres within the vitreous tending to clump and casting tiny shadows on his retina.)

Completing his stroll ,he promptly turned the images over to Court Painter for artful rendering in spite of Court Painter’s dislike of working off photographs produced by amateur shutterbugs.

AHM joins Court Painter in the studio.
AHM calls this one “USA in process of shattering” found on a wall during his Sunday stroll