Vestigial Digital Initiative…

The Court Painter Vestigial Digital Initiative (CPVDI) has undertaken the arduous yet rewarding task to digitize all of Court Painter painting commissions in an effort to preserve and share them with the teeming masses who have a voracious appetite for buying all kinds of stuff. This digital technology effort will make it possible to spread the message of Court Painter over land & sea & challenging terrain by promoting his precious images on fridge magnets, children’s lunch boxes, SMLXL T shirts, face masks, inner fashions, teardrop flags, fine art prints suitable for framing, indoor & outdoor posters, wedding table talkers, wedding belly bands, disposable place mats ,roller banners suitable for flying behind Piper Cubs, wrapping paper, strut cards and stickers to name just a few.

Dr. Missy Mayhem posing with ScanSnap SV600 scanner.

Dr. Missy Mayhem PHD an expert on all things digital has trained unpaid studio interns to scan the masterworks using a Fujitsu contactless overhead scanner. The ScanSnap SV600 scanners overhead design eliminates any contact or friction with the precious paintings being scanned. It proves to be the ideal device for such an exercise because of the delicate surface condition and age of the Court Painter works. It was also a technological leap compared to previous efforts, which used a combination of flatbed and wand scanners, stitching together photos from digital cameras.

Dr.Missy Mayhem poses mysteriously with ScanSnap SV 600 scanner

Court Painter’s spacious studio has come alive with the hum of many types of digital printing machines, including production printing presses such as sheet-fed production printers, cut-sheet digital presses, production inkjet printers and continuous feed printers.

Investor seen with Court Painter on the shop floor

Once scanned and processed, the digital images are ready to be printed on various substrates and value added products ,ready for distribution to prestigious upper crust brick & mortar sales outlets as well as farmers markets and (get this) online.

It is impossible for the naked eye to tell the difference between the original hand crafted painting and a digital copy.

Court Painter demonstrates the fidelity of the digital copy to the original

The CDVDI will operate as a public service and profit centre by making a digital record of all the painted works the Court Painter has and will continue to produce in his illustrious career as a celebrity painter who specializes in painting celebrities.

If this initiative proves profitable, Court Painter would consider skipping the messy painting part which requires a small army of apprentices and go directly to digital. Stay tuned!