An exclusive dispatch …

As a special treat to accompany this exclusive dispatch, Court Painter is taking the opportunity to reveal unrelated random pictures that never the less are considered eye candy in some circles and considered a rest for the eyes for those who grow weary of the text.

Dispatch dated January 23,2021

Court Painter’s posts became the single most influential tour de force influencing the art media of the last year, the unpredictability that came to be relied upon even as they took a mental toll on the less talented, academically burdened and flat out cerebral tricksters that populate the shaded edges of the art underworld.

Rumours of banishment are travelling halfway around the globe faster than Court Painter can get his silk slippers on.

Perish the thought, but an art world without Court Painter leaves us with a series of questions. What happens to an ecosystem like the art world when the portraitist who represents both the centre and a source of certainty in aesthetic order is banished? On top of that, what consequence does that have on patrons and his 1% client list.

Art critics and other gatekeepers of the art world are convinced that, even as Court Painter’s influence continues, not much will shift with online potential sales. However , Court Painter’s power of persuasion is sustained by his unknown subscribers and the traditional portrait painters who proliferate and grovel in the sunless shadows of the art establishment.  Banning Court Painter could have the paradoxical effect of emboldening his supporters or sending them to other less classy sidewalk renderers whose talent is close to equal but obviously priced too low for a discerning clientele that Court Painter attracts.The effect on elite taste would be incalculable.

As of this posting, Court Painter remains in large measure, a digital hermit—many tech companies have made substantial offers to attract his presence and imagery, from YouTube and Snapchat to TikTok—and chances are he won’t stay ostracized for long. Modest super art stars like Court Painter usually observe the norm of staying out of the limelight and not commenting on their competition, but Court Painter is not likely to observe that norm any more than he observes other norms, his Press Attache AHM was heard to say. “To the extent that he remains an influential 19th century style creative and opinion leader for the 21 century art world, the volume might get turned up even more than we expect. So you better watch out ,you better not cry, cause Court Painter has a painter’s eye and wants a piece of that capitalist pie!” 

It’s that very sense of defiant norm-breaking that gives a dangerous meaning to his portrait studio and its leading edge implications, the lasting effects of which have extended well beyond the rough & tumble of social media. The Court Painter’s last year can best be described and understood as a “modernist art crisis, for the blue collar crowd” which makes his ostensible role in our pictorial lives on the assembly line no less complicated than before. He may on occasion take a day off , but the repercussions remain.

I think Court Painter’s output, for a lot of studio portraitists, was a persistent stressor for the nine to five practitioners .”(anonymous)

Court Painter’s pictures were often erratic in a way that fed digital native, ruffled collar and art world uncertainty, but it has been noted that even unpredictability, when it comes in a steady-enough stream, can feel more like sureness. With the threat of having him banned, many art groupies are experiencing a new kind of instability. As Court Painter advances to centre stage and as Breaking news agencies turn their attention towards him and his platform expands, to some extent it will be a welcome change with a swelling in certainty and will come as an increase in arousal for people, whose most passionate experience is a guilty pleasure attraction to a brush wielding alpha male who alas remains forever out of reach and in a condition of the unrequited.

(written from notes provided by Court Painter)