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Use a robot to tour Court Painter’s studio

It’s just a gas for people in the pandemic global village,’ says Press Attache to Court Painter, AHM

Because there’s a global village pandemic, it means you can spend an afternoon virtually strolling around Court Painter’s studio in tony Inglewood.

Court Painter is allowing paying customers with functioning credit cards to take virtual tours of his studio using a teleconferencing robot that is essentially a tablet-sized repurposed portable TV, mounted on Court Painter’s walker. 

Court Painter is seen rolling his robot device around for the studio virtual tour.

“The wonderful thing is it’s a replacement for visitors that never came through the door in the first place; it has opened new horizons for people from the global village, and that’s just peachy,” the studio Press Attache blurted out to no one in particular on Zoom.

“We had someone from Constantinople, someone from Bombay, someone from New Amsterdam, someone from Fort William & Port Arthur ,someone from Rat Portage, someone from Bytown and and some wacko from Valley Junction Iowa.

Also ,a woman of stunning beauty and brittleness who lives across the alley and once petitioned to get rid of the Court Painter for littering the back alley with used wine bottles, suddenly interrupted a lovely video conversation once she discovered the teleconferencing wasn’t about getting her abstract glass sculptures made from used wine bottles, to market.”

Users control the robot from their keyboards at home and move themselves around the studio, taking a look at the art along the way.

A family of Court Painter fans gather round the computer for a virtual studio tour.

Court Painter is there to accompany and chat to the virtual visitors as well, just to make sure they are cut off should they disparage in any way the Court Painter works on view or the state of tidiness of the studio. He’s brutal and nasty and takes no prisoners once he detects criticism.Bingo…you’re unplugged Doug!

Well heeled people interested in taking a tour can go to Court Painter’s website which is easy to find once you find it. Because of the high demand, Court Painter is giving priority to people who are financially in the upper 1% and are potential patrons for commissions. 

Two diehard Court Painter fans never miss the latest virtual studio tour.