Public Funds Public Health…

UPDATE from May 16,2020 post

Ontario’s for-profit nursing homes have 78% more COVID-19 deaths than non-profits, report finds .The report from the science table to the Ontario Government, paints an alarming picture of for-profit nursing homes in the pandemic, particularly those owned and operated by chains .

Toronto Star January 20,2021

    Public funds should be for public health, not private profits    
Canada has committed more than a billion dollars to develop COVID-19 vaccines, medicines, and diagnostic tests that we all need. Presently most public funding for medical research and development (R&D) comes with no strings attached – meaning that even when public funds are used to discover or develop lifesaving medicines or vaccines,  there are no requirements to make them affordable for people who need them, including Canadians.
In fact, these publicly funded vaccines, medicines and health technologies are often sold to private companies, who get to decide who receives access to them and set the price.
The global medical R&D system that MSF and the rest of the world depends on for new and essential lifesaving medicines is currently  built around private profits rather than public health. The Canadian government must make sure that the medicines, vaccines, and other health technologies developed through the medical R&D paid for by public funds will be affordable and accessible to the patients and health systems who need them most , both here in Canada and around the world.
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