Court Painter sues CC (name available upon request) for defamation over comments ‘CP has an Ass like a Yank Oligarch’ and accusations of  Pettifogging

Court Painter at the encouragement of his Press Attache and main investor A Hardon MacKay,has filed a defamation lawsuit against his main artistic rival CC.

CC was served the disposition in front of Court Painter’s self portrait Satyric Series

In a statement,  Court Painter’s spokesperson revealed that he had filed a defamation lawsuit against CC over deliberately and maliciously made false statements in an attempt to derail Court Painter’s satyrical reputation, by alleging that , CP has an ass like a Yank Oligarch in addition to accusing him of pettifogging!

The complaint seeks compensatory damages and an injunction prohibiting the further publication of CC’s defamatory statements, the statement continued.

Court Painter also published the complaint which states, “Court Painter is the preeminent painter of the political & celebrity class in the Great Dominion, a position CC has long coveted, but has not been able to attain.”

The day before yesterday—whether out of personal animus,artistic enmity, or fear of real change within the local art scene that CC and  allies have long dominated—CC lied about his perceived rival Court Painter. He did so publicly, unambiguously, and with obvious malicious intent. Court Painter’s body image  has been harmed by CC’s lies—and his sales have suffered as well, the complaint proclaimed. With this action, CP seeks to hold CC, and the art elites who enable him, accountable for distorting the truth about his satyrical physique in the middle of the critical art fashion season.

The complaint referred to CC as a “cutthroat creative,” before arguing, CC’s Defamatory Statements immediately harmed CP.

Despite reprobation,  CC’s Defamatory Statements spread like wildfire across the Internet,at local Tim Hortons,the Ship & Anchor watering hole, and took on a life of their own, it continued. Dozens of naive art followers heard (or read about) a well-known art authority figure, CC, stating as fact that, CP has an ass like a Yank oligarch and is guilty of pettifogging.

Scientifically conducted opinion surveys by Press Attache AHM have shown that CC’s false, malicious statements about CP were accepted as true, the complaint alleged, adding, In short, CC got exactly what he wanted by lying about CP—he harmed his  personal rival’s body image and ongoing fashion icon campaign, and started a damaging whisper campaign based on baseless, but vicious, untruths.

CP’s complaint also noted that CC has refused to retract his unfashionable remarks or apologize for accusing Court Painter of pettifogging.

CC (name available upon request) doubled down and stated that, Pettifogging artists like Court Painter give too much attention to small, unimportant painting details in a way that shows a limited mind.