Alpha Match

“Alpha specimens indubitably!”(author unknown)

Both have been called youthful, charismatic and energetic, but also been talked about in less, shall we say, commonplace ways.

Behold what The Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente said, for example, in a column published the day after she was glad to still have a job. Both have a “brilliant branding device” in drawing attention to their heads, she writes:

“Both have the posture of a warrior — brash, worldly, fearless and also super-manly. Not merely beta males, but both are pure alpha, with full luxuriant beards and serious threads to match.”

At the end of her column, Wente wonders if we could get the two of them in an MMA match. Are you there, God? It’s Margaret, and she has a wonderful idea.

Over at the Toronto Sun, columnist Lorne Gunter describes Singh and Court Painter in a tie because in spite of the age difference both are youthful, smart,  well-dressed and trendy: politically correct symbols of virility.”

“Singh is as distinctive for his designer suits and immaculately tied turban as Court Painter is for his dandy socks and paint splattered smocks.” he writes.

‘Both are dreamboats’

Slide back to The Globe and we find television critic John Doyle writing about Singh and Court Painter as “masterful” in their use of visual imagery.


“What emanates from them is cosmopolitan masculinity, virility, style, confidence, ease with themselves and oozing empathy. Both have sex appeal to burn as in sizzling HOT,” Doyle writes.

“Court Painter and Jagmeet Singh are, to a lot of people, especially millennials, dreamboats,” gushed Press Attache A Hardon MacKay.