Royal Pain in the ass

Court Painter very quickly dropped his basketball sideline cheering with an unknown rapper and headed across the pond with his painting kit to cover the latest royalty hijinks by the world’s best known royal pain in the ass.

Her Majesty was very kind to show the royal pain selections from the Court Painter collection which featured an American dancer and acquaintance of his royal pain.

Not so great umbrage

Michael J. Cooper  Conservative MP  represents the riding of St Albert-Edmonton . Cooper serving as vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Justice & Human Rights was removed by party leader Andrew Scheer after Cooper confronted witness Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council president Faisal Khan Suri in a manner that was considered offensive by reading into the record a passage from the Christchurch Shooter’s Manifesto — which has been banned in New Zealand.

The committee suspended its hearing before returning to the witnesses, after which Cooper offered a tepid apology.  He said he would withdraw his comment, saying the witness should be ashamed, “but certainly not the rest of what I said.”

What got Cooper’s baby blue conservative knickers in a knot was the witness drawing a link (among others) between “conservative commentators” and the online history of mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette at which Cooper expressed ‘great umbrage’.

The head of the Alberta Muslim anti-racism advocacy group questioned what Cooper was doing with the manifesto. “That manifesto should not be in the hands of any Canadian whatsoever. That is the most grotesque thing that I could ever see… Why would I even want to have or read a document that somewhat dignifies and justifies the murder of 51 innocent people?”

Cooper remains in Scheer’s shadow cabinet as deputy justice  critic.

quote source: Altha Raj Huffington Post