Directly to the Innernet

Court Painter posts his images on the innernet directly from the studio easel .No fuss no bother! Patrons enjoy nothing but freshness of image & idea the moment of arrival on the platform of their choice. But that’s not all. Behind the scenes he incorporates hand ground pigments and fine linen canvases in the studio picture making process to bring out the essence of the artistic ingredients , assuring the right degree of a ripeness even after the long journey through the innernet pipes.

Great pictures bring capitalists and socialists together but it can sometimes be a chore to understand what in tarnation is going on . Many people don’t have the time or energy to put together the extraordinary patience required to understand fancy pants art. Court Painter takes out all the hard work for his patrons and presents them with nothing but great easy to understand pictures to be enjoyed with friends, family and ideological opposites.