Action at the auction

A cigarette once smoked by the Court Painter has sold for $12,000 (£9,000), according to the Boston-based RR Auction house.

A distraught aristocratic divorcée (pictured below) can be seen in some distress after an unsuccessful bid to take home the butt. Court Painter is also pictured attempting to console the rich maiden in the hope for a future commission.

The Court Painter’s partially smoked gin sogged Export A  was found in the men’s room of Le Bourget Airport in Paris on 11 May 2014.

It was sold on Wednesday night to a collector in Palm Beach, Florida. The buyer’s name was not released for fear of online bullying.

The half-smoked butt was kept by a French dance hall girl who flew with the Court Painter to and from Paris.

Cherri ‘Luscious’ LaFontain saved the butt, which features a red-and-gold Ontario label alongside the Court Painter’s coat of arms.

“The Court Painter was surrounded by French art critics with whom he had been chatting. He stubbed out his cigarette in a urinal when I took the remains into protective custody.” said ‘Luscious’ Cherri, now a lady in waiting for the French Prime Minister

During that trip the Court Painter visited the historic Les Invalides, where he was awarded France’s highest art honour, the Medaille Portraiture.

Bobby ‘Hammer’ Livingston, executive vice president at RR Auction, called the item “a synonymous piece from the Court Painter’s brand look”.

In 2016 a Court Painter chewed up cigarette butt was sold at a British auction house. The latest one up for auction sold for an undisclosed sum because there has  been an extreme amount of heated up interest in this veritable venerable vulnerable artist in the past year or so.

A Harding Mackay, the Court Painter’s Press Attache and only advisor says “It’s time to pay the piper and the public is finally coming to the realization that the Court Painter not only paints masterpieces he also plays a really hot flute while juggling janitorial duties and rolling one handed makins (cigarettes).”

When reporters asked about this non sequitur, A Hardon MacKay bug eyed and silent, resumed his hunched posture while clutching the most recent product placements.


Predation refers to an interaction between two organisms, predator and prey, where there is a flow of energy from one to another. The prey usually suffers a loss of energy and fitness, with a commensurate gain in energy for the predator.In the human species most woman preyed upon describe it as soul crushing and a theft of self.
  1. “the old story of male predation as an exercise of power domination often preying on females caught in vulnerable circumstances “

The Councillor’s Gestures

Incumbent candidate for Calgary City council Ward Sutherland draws criticism for comments he made at a public forum in which he refers to a “Johnny Jew from New York” as a hypothetical artist hired under the city’s public art policy.

“And as I dove into the weeds, I found that one of the biggest issues was the fact that the committee that was picking the art, first of all, 10 out of the 10 people were artists. And when they were looking at it, they were going, ‘Well, Johnny Jew from New York, he’s the best artist, so we’re going to use him and not even look at it.’ So we tried to have the policy changed.”

Upon being called out for the ‘Johnny Jew’ reference he said,”During our discussion about public art at the forum I referenced a famous New York designer with the last name of Choo.”

Asked why he would refer specifically to Choo, a Malaysian-born fashion designer based in the United Kingdom whose first name isn’t Johnny but Jimmy, Sutherland said he mixed things up in the heat of the moment.

Sutherland’s stands by his Johnny Choo from New York comment but it’s arguable that in his mind and from previous behaviour he was making a knife-twisting gesture towards Johnny Jew from New York.

(May 8/2017 Councillor Ward Sutherland ‘s back-stabbing hand gesture in the direction of a female colleague prompted her to change seats and a fellow councillor to file a complaint to the integrity commissioner. Coun. Ward Sutherland made the gesture during a public hearing, extending his arm and appearing to repeatedly make a knife-twisting motion with his hand toward Coun. Druh Farrell as she was speaking, her back turned to him.)

Unnerved !

Court Painter takes drastic action with ongoing studio communications strategy after being unnerved by ex Google strategist’s public statement regarding digital communications platforms.

A Hardon MacKay Press Attache and Communications Specialist for Court Painter indicated all digital forms of communication will be banned from the studio and a replacement communications strategy utilizing carrier pigeons will be introduced. This flight forward flying strategy has a few kinks to be worked out however in an off script comment he went on to say, ” when the going gets tough the tough get going.”  The Press Attache when pressed refused to elaborate on what he meant other that to say,”We’ll see!”

(photos) Court Painter is seen working with his assistant and competitor CC (name available upon request) setting up the carrier pigeon Communications system.The pigeons are equipped with non digital cameras and jackets with pockets for hand written notes.The parachute and tin can components of the system are being monitored for usefulness.

What was the statement that unnerved the Court Painter enterprise to rethink and upgrade the mechanics of studio communications?

“If we only care about profit maximization,“we will go rapidly into dystopia.” James Williams said. Williams, 35 does not believe talk of dystopia is far-fetched. The ex-Google strategist who built the metrics system for the company’s global search advertising business, has had a front-row view of an industry he describes as the “largest, most standardized and most centralized form of attentional control in human history”.
In a journey that has led him to question whether democracy can survive the new technological age he went on to say,
“Eighty-seven percent of people wake up and go to sleep with their smartphones. The entire world now has a new prism through which to understand politics.
The dynamics of the attention economy are structurally set up to undermine the human will. If politics is an expression of our human will, on individual and collective levels, then the attention economy is directly undermining the assumptions that democracy rests on. If Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are gradually chipping away at our ability to control our own minds, could there come a point, I ask, at which democracy no longer functions?
Will we be able to recognize it, if and when it happens? And if we can’t, then how do we know it hasn’t happened already?”