It Takes A Businessman!

Kevin O’Leary Suggests Selling Court Painter Portraits in the Senate

Court Painter & Senate rumour

OLeary money bags normalization

Court Painter & O'Leary's Offer

Kevin O’Leary has a novel idea to balance Canada’s budget — selling portraits in the Senate.

Court Painter & K O'Leary

The potential Conservative leadership contender told CTV’s Question Period that the Great Dominion’s upper house of Parliament should be a “profit centre,” not a cost centre; demonstrating his savvy around all things relating to the public good!

Oh Leary

D&Kin Limo

Acknowledging that Court Painter and profit are words not usually associated with each other, he was bullish on 2017 for  Court Painter and this monitizing idea to turn the Great Dominion’s finances around.

“I don’t know why we can’t have a hundred thousand or a couple of hundred thousand committed each year per senator to commissioning a portrait in full colour,” the reality TV host said unrealistically.

Court Painter & Kevin Money Bags

O’Leary hasn’t formally announced a bid to replace Stephen Harper yet, but has suggested he may do so as early as this week.Promises…promises!

kevin oleary

When asked to comment Court Painter gushed, ” I am flattered however my idea would be to sell the Senate seats, replace them with milk crates and take a cut for the idea …however I must concede to Kevin.”

Court Painter & Senate Chambers



Trespassing Misdemeanor

Artist Charged With Alteration of Hollywood Sign


The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles was altered on Jan. 1. Celebrity artist Court Painter admitted to changing the sign and turned himself in to the authorities.

Court Painter, a senior artist, surrendered on Monday with his Press Attache at his side, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. He was booked on a misdemeanor trespassing charge and released on bail.


The sign was changed about 3 a.m. on Jan. 1, when the letters of Hollywood were obscured by paper sheets and turned into the letters spelling out COURT PAINTER. It remained that way throughout the morning before the sign was restored.

In a phone interview, Court Painter said he considered the results more of an art installation than a prank. He produced a hand printed letter in support of his action authored by his Press Attache who nevertheless refused to identify himself because of “being deeply embarrassed”.


“Yeah, I broke the rules, but I broke it with good spirit and good intentions,” he shouted on Tuesday. “It was just to bring light and positivity and happiness and publicity for my cause which is “Make Court Painter Great Again.”


“Art Pranks of this nature deplete the resources of our valuable public safety personnel, in both responding to the prank and in responding to the increased crowds and copycat attempts that these incidents generate,” an authority said in a statement on Monday.

“My office has urged the city attorney and L.A.P.D. to investigate and prosecute this case, as well as all attempts to trespass near, alter, or vandalize the sign.”

Court Painter is expected to appear in court on Feb. 15. He said he had been inspired by a similar alteration in 1976, and that he had used clamps and sheets so as not to damage the sign.

“I don’t want to destroy anything,” he said. “I’m about peace and love and respect and integrity and a lot of things that in some ways are missing these days. I wanted to show there’s a light in the world as well as in a number of my paintings which incidentally are on sale as we speak.”


Court Painter said he had been told he could face up to six months in jail. He said he saw that as excessive for a “harmless” art project, but asked if he would receive copies of Canadian Art in his cell.

“I’m a person of integrity,if I do something wrong, I will own up to it. Please send me home to Calgary and I promise never to come back.”

His begging and weeping melted the hearts of all authorities present and Court Painter was allowed to return to the safety of his Inglewood , Alberta studio.

A Braggart He Is Not

Court Painter Is Great Because He Doesn’t Brag About Being Great


This article was read and approved by Court Painter 

Last week cemented Court Painter’s status as an international darling. He topped the New York Times’ list of the “52 Artist Studios to Go Visit in 2017” and was lauded in the Guardian for being one of the only portraitists that touts diversity over nativism in his choice of subjects.


In 2016, the media fawned over Court Painter. The Economist ran a cover story titled: “Court Painter Example to the Art World” and his fax machine became so overheated it crashed on the night of the U.S. election.It’s still a mystery why these two events are related however Court Painter’s middle name is mystery.


For an art celebrity who historically has been known as a wallflower, the attention is long overdue. But he shouldn’t become “braggadocious” and let his Great Dominion ego inflate. In short: He shouldn’t become an American celebrity. Court Painter has become so popular internationally precisely because of his humility.


As the preeminent political portraitist of the Great Dominion, it means he must strive to improve instead of thumping his chest about past artistic accomplishments.
So many people are obsessed with status. At art parties many Americans trot out their exhibition credentials before asking about Court Painter. While it’s impossible to make generalizations about an entire country, many astute art observers have witnessed the entitled American artist who cuts in line at an art reception or loudly criticizes the timid and somewhat vaporous brush strokes of Court Painter while being completely uniformed of his local however modest reputation.


The U.S. art celebrity scene is a place with clearly defined values — individualism, capitalism, success — which has helped make it the most powerful art scene in the world. But those values have also made America a place with unaffordable 24″x 24″ oil on aluminum Big Dot paintings and one of the highest levels of income inequality between potters and painters on Earth.


By contrast, one of the greatest Court Painter qualities is self deception ..oops…self-deprecation. Mocking himself with his cowboy hat turned the wrong way during the Stampede or clutching some faux award he claims to have received, makes him more accessible and his self-doubt is, he insists, a sign of intelligence. As a bright person with a ruddy complexion he brags the posssessing of a full compliment of palette knives in the drawer plus a full palette although admits grudgingly that he may have a wee knowledge gap and that there may be some hipster painter smarter than he. It means Court Painter just strives to improve instead of thumping his sunken chest about past portrait accomplishments or his irresistable way with the art world ladies.


“Court Painter exceptionalism” simply is a term only used in his studio among raptly attentive studio assistants. However it’s only in the past few years some politicians have dared to call Court Painter publicly the best darned portrait painter in the Great Dominion, according to the National Post which also claims itself to be the best financially managed free rag in the country .


Court Painter has become a great art celebrity because of slick marketing and a brand recognition roll out led by his charismatic Press Attache A Hardon MacKay and he doesn’t boast about being great….Court Painter that is!


Let’s hope all the recent attention doesn’t go to his head like another Calgary artist we know.