There’s gotta be a Mistake!

 The Conservative Party and Canada’s largest oil and gas lobby group stand accused of possibly “colluding” in violation of the country’s elections law, according to a complaint made to a federal commissioner.

Ethics watchdog Democracy Watch said Thursday it was calling on Commissioner of Canada Elections Yves Côté to investigate whether the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and the Tories broke the Canada Elections Act.

Court Painter rendering of Andrew Scheer at dusk

The complaint centres on the fact the lobby group and the Conservatives have both done business with an advertising firm co-founded by Hamish Marshall, who is Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s campaign manager.

Court Painter rendering of Hamish Marshall at dawn

Not Above the Law

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government broke the law by not holding public consultations before it scrapped the province’s cap and trade program, an Ontario court has found.

According to Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR), the minister must provide for public notice and comment on proposed regulations and legislation that could have “a significant effect on the environment” at least thirty days before implementation.

One Ontario judge noted that the decision handed Friday “makes a point broader than its four corners: it makes the point that the government is not above the law and may not insulate itself from judicial review when it acts unlawfully.” #onpoli

Hup – two – three – four !


Andrew Scheer is registered for selective service — the U.S. agency that runs the military draft

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is registered with the U.S. Selective Service System, the federal agency that administers that country’s military draft, a party spokesperson confirmed Friday.

Scheer confirmed Thursday that he is a dual Canada-U.S. national — his father was born in the U.S. — but said he is in the process of renouncing his American citizenship.

Under U.S. law, all American men between the ages of 18 and 26 must register with the Selective Service System, the U.S. federal agency that maintains information on men who could be conscripted into the military through a system known as “the draft.”

U.S. citizenship comes with many rights and privileges — the freedom to live, work and vote in the world’s largest economy — but it also carries unique responsibilities that the U.S. demands of its citizens.

For example, under U.S. tax law, an American citizen living anywhere in the world must report their global income and file returns with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). U.S. citizens must file income, estate and gift tax returns with the IRS.

Scheer has said he has filed U.S. tax returns.

Whistle while you work…


Tom Mueller, author of Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud, out Oct. 1 : interviewed about 200 whistle-blowers for his book and found that the “overwhelming majority” haven’t been able to work again because they were blackballed in their industries; perhaps the most famous recent American whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, is still in exile in Moscow. “It’s career suicide,” he says, arguing the treatment of whistle-blowers in real life is more of how society views them, versus the praise they receive at a distance or on a screen. He argues there’s a two-faced attitude towards whistle-blowers in American society. “We have a completely dual attitude,” he says. “We applaud them in the theater but we go home and allow industries and governments to destroy them, their careers, their health, their lives.”Source: Time Magazine

4 whistle blowers no doubt will be watching with peaked interest , the unfolding fate of the current whistle-blower implicated in the  impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump!

Edward Snowdon

Chelsea Manning

Jeffrey Sterling

Julian Assange

Court Painter throws all he learned about composition out the studio window!