Nite out with the boys…

Alberta pub crawl somewhere between Coronation, Pincher Creek or some other god forsaken draft soaked establishment.The girls were travelling together and were on their way to work on TV in New York so they said…likely story!

The guy you identify as Surgeon never really spoke…he just smiled, smoked, kept missing shots and kept what looked like a doctors bag close….I think we nicknamed him Kreepy Kept.


A select group of Washington DC elites, ignoring social distancing in a local bistro ; sat comfortably for Court Painter’s most recent portraits while remarking how absolutely charming was the setting.

Melania & The Donald
Jared & Ivanka
Pompeo & McConnell

Public Funds

    Public funds should be for public health, not private profits    
Canada has committed more than a billion dollars to develop COVID-19 vaccines, medicines, and diagnostic tests that we all need. Presently most public funding for medical research and development (R&D) comes with no strings attached – meaning that even when public funds are used to discover or develop lifesaving medicines or vaccines,  there are no requirements to make them affordable for people who need them, including Canadians.
In fact, these publicly funded vaccines, medicines and health technologies are often sold to private companies, who get to decide who receives access to them and set the price.
The global medical R&D system that MSF and the rest of the world depends on for new and essential lifesaving medicines is currently  built around private profits rather than public health. The Canadian government must make sure that the medicines, vaccines, and other health technologies developed through the medical R&D paid for by public funds will be affordable and accessible to the patients and health systems who need them most , both here in Canada and around the world.
Edited from recent appeal by English

Predatory Takeover…

It’s a bumpy road ahead for art vendors this year, and the coronavirus could lead to even more consolidation going forward, especially among art vendors that are vulnerable to the predatory takeover practices of Court Painter.

The structure of the art vendor industry is still very fragmented with hundreds of small studios finding it increasingly difficult to compete and it looks inevitable that the general trend line of value and volume of mergers and acquisitions by Court Painter will maintain momentum over the next months.

 Court Painter in a statement released today said, “I consider my studio as part of the new wave of serial acquirers and opportunistic plunders .We will be plying the waters as soon as the end of the second quarter, looking for strategic opportunities to round out our art business and expansion into value added products like toilet paper.”

Court Painter approaches a well known and loved art vendor to explain he is being forced out.

Court Painter shows an example of the product that will replace the art works of the well loved vendor once the predatory acquisition is complete.

Court Painter seen wth new products being offered after replacing the well loved art vendor by another strategic acquisition

Wow wow bow wow

Court Painter Inspired a Main Character in a Steamy 2020 Romance Novel, Says Author: ‘I Fell in Love With Him Bigtime’

Missy X Mayhem , author of the steamy 2020  Wow Wow Bow Wow, revealed that the “sexy” artist her protagonist, a divorcee, falls in love with is inspired by none other than Court Painter.

Missy X Mayhem  told The NewYorker magazine that she first met Court Painter while at an art function in the Bronx., where the two sat next to each other as dinner partners.

“I just fell in love with him,”Missy said. “Usually those dinners, you make polite conversation, and that’s it. But we had this intense conversation, personal conversation. I thought, ‘Wow wow bow wow this guy is amazing.’”

Missy X Mayhem’s fictional celebrity artist Pentine Terp III discovered an art therapy for divorcees, which once again links back to Court Painter’s true accomplishments  as a preeminent portrait practitioner northwest of the New York art scene.

Terp is introduced into the novel as an artist painting the president, who secretly has mumps. This is how he meets divorcee Lady Shady, who was the presidents diarist and nurse.

Lady Shady immediately begins to lust after Pentine Terp III, but he is hesitant at first, because he is married and a card shark, while she is neither. These obstacles ultimately fail to prevent a passionate love affair that unwinds, rewinds and spools throughout the novel.

Missy describes Terp’s voice as “high, discordant, sexy, almost despondent,” while he recites art-based yet romantic lines such as, “You are like a paint stroke in my brain which spreads across the canvas of our lives each day one after the other one.”

Court Painter apparently knew that he was the inspiration for Mayhem’s forbidden love story and was “not a bit embarrassed,” but mainly, “just thought it was a horny hoot.”

Work has started on auditions for a film adaptation.The following images are recently released stills from the auditions.


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer targeted the Canada emergency response benefit (CERB) and the student financial aid program as offering incentives for people to stay home rather than return to work.

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) is designed to provide temporary income support. The CERB provides $500 a week for up to 16 weeks.

Andrew Scheer’s salary of $259,000 as a Conservative MP and leader of the opposition has been uninterrupted by COVID- 19 while a great number of other Canadians are left facing perilous financial circumstances.

 Scheer was reported in 2017 to have ownership stakes in three real estate limited partnerships (RELPs) a tax-sheltering investment vehicle that is apparently only available to the rich. RELPs allow investors to write off up to 50 percent of their initial investment. To participate, he had to show $75,000 in personal annual income and a net worth of $400,000 or more.