Daring but Necessary

In a daring yet welcome announcement this morning by  the Prime Minister; Justin Trudeau revealed that Elizabeth (with a Z) May leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich—Gulf Islands, would take over as the sole member of the Justice Committee.

The PM was forced to point out that Ms. May’s 6 minutes of questioning in the previous 2 meetings stood up as an outstanding example for the kids of the Great Dominion on “how to use limited question time ‘to gedder done'”

In a gesture he no doubt will regret he asked Ms. May to say a few words. The ever obliging Ms. May went on to say ,”Figure out what prosecutorial independence means, and stop compromising it.”

In the PM’s final remarks he admitted the appointment of Ms. May  was “the last feminist arrow left in his quiver”. He did ramble on a bit about jobs,the middle class,eroding trust,the middle class and jobs until the room emptied and the press all scurried off to meet their deadlines.