Vanity Fair disinvites Court Painter from Oscars party

Like the mean girl in a high school movie, Vanity Fair has disinvited the Court Painter from its famed Oscar party at the last minute because Court Painter said rude things about it. All he said was something to the effect that the hottest Oscar night party had lost its sizzle!

CP  suggested that the bash has been blighted by corporate sponsorship and rival parties, and noted that “two civilians” had secured invitations — which had once been Holy Grail-like even among Hollywood insiders — “in an online auction, bidding with customer-loyalty points from Tim Hortons.”

Court Painter had planned on  flying in to attend the Sunday night bash — however Vanity Fair rescinded his invitation, sniffing that, it “feels like Court Painter has already made up his mind about the VF party this year.”

A Hardon MacKay Press Attache to Court Painter is hopeful Radhika Jones  Vanity Fair editor in chief  has the good sense to step in, restore sanity and reinstate the invitation.

But, said an insider, “It reflects so badly on Radhika that she would allow her publication to behave so unprofessionally and in such a uncultured manner especially to one so adored by the celebrity and political class and was once featured on a Vanity Fair cover.”