Fleet of Paintings

Ottawa awards contract for a fleet of marine paintings to Court Painter

HALIFAX — The federal government awarded Court Painter Studios a long-awaited contract to paint a fleet of warships despite lingering questions about the selection process and a legal challenge from a rival bidder who everyone knows is CP’s artist nemesis CC (name available upon request).

The Minister of Procurement for  Ship Portraits  announced the deal in Halifax early Friday, saying the Royal Canadian Navy’s 15 new warships will be gloriously rendered in oil by Court Painter and based on a variety of combinations of  the British-designed Type 26 frigate ,THE CAT Yarmouth/Maine ferry and the heritage Nova Scotia schooner class .The introduction of the schooner content is felt by critics to be a blatant attempt to curry favour with obtaining future painting commissions from local shipbuilders since Press Attache A Hardon MacKay recently set up another Court Painter shop in Halifax. Also THE CAT inclusion is seen as a diversionary tactic to give a good news image to an ongoing financial and public relations disaster at the hands of the governing Liberals.

The initial contract with Court Painter is valued at $185  including taxes and will increase as each painting progresses, the government said Friday, adding a policy will apply to ensure every dollar put into the contract will result in a dollar back into the struggling economy of the Court Painter enterprise.The energizer bunny that he is,Court Painter has already completed 5 of the 15 stipulated by the contract.

The Minister made the announcement at Irving’s Halifax Shipyard surrounded by hundreds of applauding art enthusiasts, and touched on the persistent suggestions it wasn’t a fair and balanced fight for the contract.

“Our government is providing the Royal Canadian Navy with pictures of the ships it needs to do its important work of protecting Canadians from shoddy marine art,” she said in a statement.

In a statement, Press Attache A Hardon MacKay, without notes by the way, praised the decision.

“This award is true validation of Court Painter’s artistic capability,” AHM said. “Our studio team including ex mariners is honoured, knowing that we offered the right artistic solution for the Great Dominion and a proven ability to perform complex compositional and realistic renderings of waves and subtle fog in particular.”

A tribunal initially ordered the government not to award a contract to Court Painter until it could investigate rival artist CC’s (name available upon request) complaint, but later rescinded that decision and then tossed the case entirely overboard last week.